Who is one of the villainous heroes of the Netflix series

Although it did not become a global phenomenon like other Spanish productions available on Netflix, sky red met high expectations in his native country and in other Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, where he quickly established himself one of the most viewed Of the platform

The series which chronicles the escape of three prostitutes—one of them embodied by Lali Esposito—from their pimps and his henchmen Its second season just premiered. New chapters bring more action and chase, more sexual violence and adrenaline.

Certainly doomed to drama and with a modest amount of dark humour, this second part shows elusive prostitutes trying to take revenge on their captives. Thus coral (Veronica Sanchez), Wendy (Lali) and Gina (ie Prado) go hunting for their exploits, Romeo, Moses and Christian, the villains of history.

In The Second Season, The Red Sky Girls Seek Revenge On Romeo And His Hitmen, Christian And Moises.

In the second season, the Red Sky Girls seek revenge on Romeo and his hitmen, Christian and Moises.

The Spanish Tale by Alex Pina and Esther Martin Lobato, creators the money heist, shouted – received a lot of criticism – for Approach human trafficking with some humor and a pop aesthetic close to humor.

So Male characters won’t notice a bit. But they are key pieces of the plot, especially in this second season, which has topped Netflix’s ranking of the most popular in our country since yesterday. Here, a picture of the villains of sky red and its interpreters.

Moses (Miguel Angel Silvestre)

Skyrojo Sky Rojo Lali Esposito Cine

skyrojo sky rojo lali esposito cine

Moses is Romeo’s right hand and has almost one brother. He works as a pimp, out of loyalty to his boss and friend rather than a desire to earn money. But in this second season, his doubts begin to grow as to whether to continue living a criminal life.

Despite the fact that he won’t stop chasing the girls, Moisés will be torn between his loyalty to Romeo—to which he owes his life—and his feelings for Coral, who in turn is torn between Las Novius. Plans to take his revenge against the owner. That Inner Conflict Changes Their Plans And turns their world upside down.

Romeo And His Henchmen, His Best Friend Moses And His Brother Christian.

Romeo and his henchmen, his best friend Moses and his brother Christian.

The Valencian heartthrob rose to fame in 2007 as narco Rafael El Duque in the Spanish version there is no heaven without breasts. But he achieved international recognition in 2014 Alberto Marquez of Velvet.

that paper helped him enter the US market And integrate the stellar cast of two successful and global Netflix series: Quote 8 You Narcos. This year it was confirmed their inclusion in the fifth season of the money heist.

Romeo (Asier Atxandia)

Asier Is Etxeandia Romeo, Broker And Owner Of Club Las Novius.

Asier is Etxeandia Romeo, broker and owner of Club Las Novius.

The Head Pimp of Club de las Novius is the most hated character sky red. Igolatric and macabre to the extreme, Romeo made brothel maids sex slaves and assures them that they are loved there. Despite being in love with Coral, he is able to sell her every night.

In the new episodes, Romeo remains determined to find the girls, especially Coral, who becomes his obsession. Like him, his subordinates are determined to separate from him. Therefore, Romeo makes every effort to keep what his family believes to be together, even if it means doing it by force.

many will remember Basque interpreter -Original from Bilbao- For them Raul de la Riva acclaimed. In Velvet, where he appeared as the main character in the third season and shared a set with Sylvester.

Sky Rojo'S Villains Heroic, From Left To Right, Auquer, Etxeandia And Silvestre.

Sky Rojo’s villains Heroic, from left to right, Auquer, Etxeandia and Silvestre.

Asir, 46, has a long career in film, television and theatre, having done outstanding work in films Mother You pain and glory; And in the long belts of air like love is forever.

Christian (Enrique Auker)

Romeo’s younger brother It’s still a bomb that’s always going to explode, unable to control his impulses. Christian has been an addict throughout his life; His only weakness is his mother.

Although in this second season His wildest and inhuman side comes to the fore again, an aspect of vulnerability also appears when he begins to question his life and seeks an alternative away from the club. This will be a difficult task for someone who only knows how to behave like a monster since childhood.

Enrique Auker Is Christian, Moises' Addicted And Violent Younger Brother.

Enrique Auker is Christian, Moises’ addicted and violent younger brother.

Born in Girona, in the Autonomous Region of Catalonia, Auker gained recognition in his home country for playing a young Galician narco in the film. who kills iron, of 2019, a character that allowed him to win Goya for Best New Actor and be recognized at the ceremony of the Cinematographic Writers’ Medal in Spain.

First sky red, was a member of the main cast of two popular television series that aired on the streaming platform Movistar+: wonderful life (2019) and invisible line (2020).