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Who is MC Kevin’s partner Bianca Dominguez when he jumped?

Bianca Dominguez, The model I was with Mc kevin When he fell from the fifth floor of a hotel near Rio de Janeiro last Sunday, he said Charged $ 380 for participating in an intimate encounter With singer And a friend the night the tragedy occurred.

Pay per meeting

Model confirmed to channel Record Who get Kevin Nasimento Good And a friend of his, musician Victor Elias Fontainel, In Rio, on a beach in Barra da Tijuca, and Agreed an intimate meeting with them for 2000 (More than 4,000 pesos).

“I went to do my work and then I was about to go back to my hotel. We agreed for 2,000 rupees, they contacted me, I did not go looking for them. Now they are judging me all the way. ”

I’m a human too and i’m hurt by what i saw“, He said in messages to Brazilian television Record.

Bianca had a nickname: Andrea Albuquerque

The 26-year-old, born in Sorocaba, in the interiors of São Paulo, Brazil, describes herself as such on social media fitness model And it appears in many photographs on the beach, in the gym, and on trips to places like Chile and Paris.

.Dominguez during a visit to Chile (Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

Bianca Domingues during her trip to Chile.- Photo Instagram Bianca Domingues

Luxury Partner?

However, as the newspaper revealed Folha de Sao Pablo, Bianca’s photos also appear on various luxury escort sites under the name Andreza Albuquerque.

even though The profile was removed after the death of MC Kevin, Some are still broadcast on the web.

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In 2017, The model was on the cover page of the magazine Sensual, Where he spoke a little about his privacy, Saying that he likes to show his body and he was in a phase where he respected his freedom, so he was not looking for romance.

(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

Bianca Domigues.- Instagram Photo Bianca Domingues

Very generous

At that time, Bianca also said that Educated, kind and attractive men attracted him, Which is very generous.

“I have intimate encounters with love. I think there are many ways to love He said that it also depends on the couple and their dedication.

.(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

Exposed after the incident

After the death of MC Kevin, Bianca reveals her face and name on websites And newspapers.

At the police station, where he testified on Monday, including The musician’s wife, the lawyer, joined the fight with Deolane Bezerra.

It was an accident

In its network, the model said the incident was “One of the saddest of my life”.

“Many things that have surfaced in the press or social networks in recent times I’m shocked, because whatever happened was a big shock“, He assured.

How is the investigation going

In her testimony, Bianca claimed that she had a close relationship with Fontainel in the hotel room where the accident occurred, and He went to the balcony with MC Kevin.

in that moment, The musician must have been surprised by the knock at the door.

(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)((Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

More photos of Bianca Dominguez. – Instagram photos Bianca Dominguez

Hypothesis of death of mc kevin

One of the research hypotheses is that MC Kevin thought it would be his wife at the door And so when he fell he tried to jump on the balcony in the downstairs room.

One More Chance It would be that the singer tried to jump into the pool as a joke.

Help him still alive

The musician, who was still treated alive by firefighters, Died soon after due to head injury, According to the autopsy.

Investigators listened to several people in the hotel and Cell phones were confiscated to see if the versions matched.

Was at least Five devices, including MC Kevin, Bianca, Victor (two cell phones) and Devlen Bejera.

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