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Who is Margarita Portillo, the current wife of Andrés García?

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The actor Andrés García has been characterized as one of the most womanizing men in the entertainment industry, a situation he never hid. The above led him to have a long list of romances, for the above it is surprising that he has been hand in hand with the same woman for more than 22 years, undoubtedly their longest relationship.

The woman who achieved such a feat is Margarita Portillo, current wife of the actor, but who is he and how did they meet?

Who is the wife of Andrés García?

Margarita Portillo is the fourth wife of the actor. Both met in 1997 after Hurricane Paulina that affected the coast of Guerrero; it was during a mass for those affected that they had their first encounter. Nevertheless, It would be until the year 2000 that both formalized their relationship.

She considers herself a survivor of said natural disaster, however, during the contingency she lost everything. When they met she was just 24 years old.

After a time of relationship, both got married, although according to Margarita he was the one who organized everything, in fact, considers that it is the only and best way in which the union could have occurred; she refused on two previous occasions.

Andrés García was in charge of the documentation, decoration and all the details. Currently the couple has been together for 22 years, however, time has not saved them from problems. Even in 2020 Andrés revealed for the program ‘window’ that he and his wife were separatedIn addition, he confessed that it was five years since they did not live together.

some weeks later reported on the morning show ‘Today’ who managed to save his marriage. Currently she is the one who takes care of him and is by his side during his recent health crises; the couple had no children but Andrés has revealed that Margarita’s son, Andrés López Portillo, could be the heir to ‘El Paraíso’Garcia’s property in Acapulco.


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