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Who is Luis Puenzo?

Luis Puenzo is the President of the National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts (INCAA) since December 2019. but before it becomes official Was recognized for being a director and co-writer -The first Argentine film to win an Oscar, with Ada Bortnik of Official Story.

Not so long ago, in fact, he was one of the few Latin American directors nominated for the most important film awards.

Besides, it was The only Argentina to install the prized statue in 1986 for that movie he acted Hector Alterio and Norma Alandro About to disappear into the last civil-military dictatorship.

In 2009, John Joseph Campanella He became the second national filmmaker to win the Oscar for Best International Film for The Secret in Their Eyes.

And despite the fact that in recent years the Hollywood Academy has opened its doors to non-American filmmakers (Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iárritu, to name a few), Latino nominees and/or The list of winners at the Oscars is still short.

Norma Alandro and Luis Puenzo, in 2016, as "The Official Story" celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Norma Alandro and Luis Puenzo, in 2016, as “The Official Story” celebrated its 40th anniversary.

From Cartoonist to Filmmaker

luis puenzo was born on February 19, 1946 in Floresta, According to film critic and researcher Ricardo García Oliveri in the book luis puenzoSince he was a child, he was interested in the seventh art. That’s why his parents gave him a 16mm camera for his birthday.

After the completion expelled from military schoolPuenzo begins working as a cartoonist in an advertising company, and meets Alejandro Castro, one of the most distinguished advertising directors, and who will teach him many cinematographic techniques.

He then became independent and created his own advertising company, named Luis Puenzo Publicidad, which became successful thanks to the success of his first commercials. Country’s most famous agency,

In 1968 he founded his own production company, Luis Puenzo Cine, which in 1974 became Cinemania S.A. With this production company he made several commercial films.

Luis Puenzo has a long career in cinema.

Luis Puenzo has a long career in cinema.

In 1973, he made his feature film debut as a film director, light from my shoesaimed at children, with Pipo Pescador and Norman Brisick, his next project was five years of lifeone of the episodes of Wonder (1975), based on short stories by mario benedetti,

Luis Puenzo begins filming official story In 1983, when military-enforced state terrorism was still in force. Film premiered on 3 April 1985, and it was given a great international boost by having Screened at Cannes Film FestivalOn May 10 of the same year.

Puenzo took advantage of the global launch that Oscar had given him to shoot outside Argentina. In 1989 he filmed a film with American production in Mexico titled old gringo, Starring Jane Fonda and Gregory Peck, The film is based on a novel by Mexican Carlos Fuentes about the story of American author Ambrose Beers.

In 1992, he directed the film adaptation of plague, the classic story of Albert Camus. It was an Argentine-French-British co-production with several stars from this time: William Hurt, Raul Julia and Robert Duvalli,

After more than ten years he again sued the director whore and whale (2003), a co-production with Spain His Daughter, co-screened by Lucia, and starring Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Leonardo Sabraglia and Miguel ngel Sola.

"The Official Story" was the first Latin American film to win an Oscar.

“The Official Story” was the first Latin American film to win an Oscar.

In later years he would turn to his role as a producer in several Argentine films directed by his children Lucia.wakolda, fish boy, XXY) and Nicholas (The last,

the story that marked his life

In 2015, Puenzo and official story He was honored at Cannes. It should be remembered that the film’s path through the film festival – before the Oscars – was important, because there Won Best Actress Award (Norma Alandro) and the Parallel OCIC Award for Best Film.

Its impact at Cannes multiplied its audience in Argentina (a total of 1.8 million viewers watched it) and was the start of a crop of awards that culminated in 1986 with the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

“That Cannes was the first festival in my life, not only as a filmmaker, but also as a spectator. Everything was new. And on this return I had absolute happy days: They were all happiness, one after the other, And it all turned out to be cheesy, because I was on the red carpet and everything,” explained Puenzo. bugle back then.

official story Marked it in every way: “More than my career, it was essential to my life. We filmed it in my house, where I lived with my wife and our four children, who are all filmmakers today. Taught not only about cinema, but about life”.

Puenzo doesn’t usually make public statements. But when he served 500 days as the head of the INCAA, he spoke to the GPS audiovisual site: “I hope life will give me time to lead again when I leave INCAA, I started out as a teenager and had to do all the chores: I was a technician, I wrote, I edited, I produced”, she confessed.

Norma Alandro and Luis Puenza, in 1986, when "La Histapria Official" won the first Oscar for Argentina.

Norma Alandro and Luis Puenza, in 1986, when “La Histapria Official” won the first Oscar for Argentina.

And he continued: “In a relationship of over 55 years with cinema, I lacked an authority. But it’s just a forum,


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