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Who is Jhonny Caz’s boyfriend from Grupo Firme and who did you want to marry him?

Le piden matrimonio a vocalista de Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme lead singer Jhonny Caz made headlines after asking him to marry him in full concert.

NEW YORK.- Group of companies He is in top form and not only professionally but also personally, because the friend of Johnny Caz, Singer of the band he asked for marriage in full concert. The unexpected proposal took place at Madison Square Garden in New York, where Grupo Firme offered a concert that was described as “packed to the brim”.

After the marriage proposal, several fans of the group became curious about who he was J’s friendHoney caz.

So Jhonny Caz’s friend asked the singer to marry him

Jhonny Caz got engaged with her boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo after almost a year, the singer of the Grupo Firme publicly as Happy.

Before the eyes of thousands of fans Bencomo appeared on stage so the music was muffled so that one could hear what Jonathan had to say to the third voice of the group:

“Hello my dear. You know how difficult it is for me to be here, with your people and your family, but tonight the fears are not as strong as the love i feel for you“Commented the singer’s friend.

Who Is Jhonny Caz'S Boyfriend From Grupo Firme And Who Did You Want To Marry Him? - Light Home News

Jhonny caz she burst into tears when she saw and heard her friend on the stage who, as custom dictated, kneeled down to make the suggestion to the singer. With tears on her face, the singer said “yes” to her friend, the other members of Film group started playing “The World at Your Feet” Celebrate engagement Of your partner.

The romantic scene ended when Jhonny Caz and her boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo they merged into a long hug, and then seal their engagement with a kiss in front of the fans of the Grupo Firme, who celebrated the commitment of one of the band members with shouts and applause.

Who is Jonathan Bencomo, the friend of Jhonny Caz, lead singer of the Grupo Firme?

Jonathan Bencomo He is originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua and is 29 years old and although Jhonny Caz recently revealed himself to be gay, young people claim a romantic relationship since 5 years.

Similar, An entry the singer’s Instagram confirms that Jhonny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo have known each other for a long time and were already in a relationship when the singer celebrated the date of birth 29 Her friend’s and added a message stating that he “wants to keep celebrating like we have done for 13 years”.

Although the couple don’t have many publications together, Caz and Bencomo usually express their love with messages and comments showing how deeply they are in love.

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