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Who is Jenny García, the dancer who came to “Hoy” after 13 years on TV Azteca?

Jenny García en Hoy

After 13 years in “Venga la Alegría”, the dancer and presenter came to Televisa to increase the audience.

MEXICO CITY – Jenny Garcia, Who was 13 years in TV Azteca Until his release in 2019, he surprised everyone by joining the ranks of Televisa. It was on the show “Hoy” that he appeared and shocked everyone with his presence.

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What will Jenny García do in “Hoy”?

Jenny Garcia is a renowned dancer and choreographer who for 13 years He was part of the ballet from “Venga la Alegría”, however in February 2019 His morning departure was confirmed, and although he participated in programs such as Exatlón, Jenny has left TV Azteca.

After she left Ajusco TV, the competition (Televisa) saw an opportunity that she clearly did not miss. In 2020 she was hired and joined the “Guerreros” program, a project by the late Magda Rodríguez.

When she became a “warrior”, she attended the program “Hoy” for the first time on this occasion. caused a stir It was very strange for many to see a “character” from TV Azteca on Televisa. But nobody could imagine that he would come back to stay.

Now the dancer has her second appearance in the morning to take part in the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”, where will compete to earn an extra point that can help your team or the competitors you supervise and which also form the dance show.

Jenny shocked with her postpartum figure

Jenny’s arrival in the morning not only affected the audience, but also judges Andrea Legarreta, Latin Lover and Lolita Cortés who They were shocked by Jenny’s presentation, who boasted of a great body and incredible movements on the track just four months after your baby was born Luca

It should be noted that the postpartum figure what looks like Jenny Garcia It affects even more after learning that he had a caesarean section and was even serious about Covid-19, because after his dance there was no trace that could point to these evils.

“What can I say? It’s spectacular, they’re sick. What’s wrong with them? Are they crazy or what? That can’t be, damn it, they’re the best in the world, I love them,” commented Lolita Cortés, who was most surprised and most impressed by the figure and Jenny’s dance and his partner Chuy Razo.

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