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Who is Jannette McCurdy?

  • The actress went viral for the book she wrote.
  • He called his work “I’m glad my mother died”
  • What happened to the star of iCarly?

Jannette McCurdy rose to fame in 2007 when she played the character of Sam Puckett, one of the main characters on the hit television series iCarly. The show was so well known and loved that it ran for 6 seasons. Now everything took an unexpected turn when the actress revealed how bad she had it in her years as her star.

McCurdy announced the release of a book in which she talks about the abuse she experienced from her mother, Debra McCurdy, when she was a child star. Everyone was surprised by the title of said book, but they didn’t expect the reason why she named it that way until she told the truth. FILED FROM: Who is Jannette McCurdy

How did you start your career?

How did you start your career?

Actress and singer Janette McCrudy was born in 1992 in Garden Grove, California. Since she was little, she began to be interested in acting, and she debuted before the cameras in the year 2000, when she participated in an episode of “MADtv”. From then on, she developed a successful and promising career, mainly on television.

On the big screen, his first job was in the 2001 action film “Shadow Fury”. This was followed by appearances in “My Daughter’s Tears”, “Hollywood: Homicide Department”, which starred Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford (who was her inspiration to become an actress). FILED FROM: Who is Jannette McCurdy

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