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Who is Isabel Torres, actress from “Veneno”, who said goodbye before she died?

Actriz española con cáncer se despide

The Spaniard dedicated a moment to her audience, which she thanked and took the opportunity to say goodbye to her fans.

SPAIN.- Isabel Torres placeholder image, Protagonist of “Gift” series, moved his fans after a release in which he said goodbye because he is about to Die because of the Lung cancer He’s been suffering from it since 2018. However, in 2021 he suffered a severe relapse that significantly worsened his health.

The Spanish actress’ doctors gave her a life expectancy of just two months, so the actress preferred to “keep going” now that she still has the strength to appeal to her audience.

“This is the last video I’ll do,” was the phrase the actress used to address her audience through a video shared on her Instagram. Isabel also pointed out that she had opted for the admission because she had been in poor health in the past few days and wanted to talk about it.

The actress who followed the character of. Breathed life into it ‘Cristina’ in the series “Poison”, declared that he had Bone metastases, a fact that has taken him to the hospital several times.

Who is Isabel Torres?

She was born on July 14, 1969 in Gran Canaria, Spain, but the actress became the first tranny Canarian who was able to change her gender identity on her identity card (DNI) in 1996. It was that too first transsexual candidate for Carnival Queen from Las Palmas in 2005.

As for his artistic career, he’s a TV host and radio, actress, businesswoman and activist for the LGBT + collective.

She also took part in television programs such as “DEC”, “The Ana Rosa program”, “Channel No 4” and was presenter on “We go to the beach” by Antena 3 Canarias.

Nevertheless, Isabel Torres placeholder image distinguished himself by his role in the series “Poison“, by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, in which she performed the more mature version of ‘Cristina’ (‘La Veneno’). Her performance earned her the 2020 Ondas Award in the category” Best female actress in fiction nationally “.

This character without a doubt one of the most memorable roles of his career, because it also won him the love of the public who have followed his development to this day.

In March last year, he announced he had cancer and has since shared the development of his disease with his followers.

Isabel Torres describes her state of health with deep pain

Isabel Torres shared a recording she thinks will be the last, so I take this opportunity to thank her audience for the support she has received from the start in announcing her illness. Accepting that she had recorded the video despite the great pain she was feeling, the actress stated that the discomfort would increase, but she would bear it as long as she could say her last words.

“I was very sick and wanted to tell you how I was doing […] “You don’t know what hurts me, the pain is the worst that I have, Well that’s it. Tell them that life is so beautiful and that you have to live it, “said the 52-year-old actress in a relaxed tone.

“Life is so beautiful and you have to live it. To thank everyone from my radio and television. When I get out of here, I’ll reconnect and If I don’t go out, it was a pleasure to meet you be with you and live this beautiful experience called life, “added the Spaniard

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