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Who is Hector Ojeda?

  • He was a member of the group Los Acosta
  • He died in 2018, leaving his colleagues with great sadness
  • Remember your career

The group “Los Acosta” was on tour when they released the unfortunate news that Héctor Ojeda, the group’s guitarist, had passed away. They indicated that it had been an unexpected event for all of them that had caused them great emptiness and deep pain.

Four years have passed since this sad event and the memories of how great the musician was in his years as a member of the group arise. Although the sudden death occurred, the group fulfilled their pending presentations that year.

What happened to Hector?

What happened to Hector?

The Los Acosta group, which was on tour in the United States, announced in a statement that the group’s guitarist, Héctor Ojeda, had died. In the message, it was indicated that Ojeda died on Friday, August 24 of “natural causes” and that it is a surprising event that has left everyone with a “great emptiness and deep pain.”

The group expressed that the life of each human being is vulnerable and the time that God allows each of us to be on this earth is unknown and they dedicated a message to Héctor. “Hector. May God receive you in his glory and may you rest in peace, your brothers by profession and soul: Sergio, Carlos, Ernesto, Ricardo, Germán, Los Acosta”.

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