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Who is Gaby Ramírez, the driver who accuses “Platanito” of sexual harassment?

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Gaby Ramírez has trended in the last few hours due to the statements he made on the show program ‘Gossip No Like’ as a guest host, where stated that he was the victim of sexual harassment by Sergio Verduzco, better known as ‘Banana’.

According to the driver Platanito made an improper and non-consensual touch to his chest when they performed a dynamic for the program ‘Banana Show’However, the comedian assures that this was part of a sketch, although he did not deny what happened. After the controversy and the possible escalation to legal instances, Here we tell you who Gaby Ramírez is.

Who is Gaby Ramirez?

Gaby Ramirez is a actress, host and model 41-year-old from Mexico City who had his first approach to the stages of the hand of his fatherHarami the magician. He studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), and continued his professional preparation at the National Institute of Fine Arts and the CEA.

His first contact with television was on the conduct of the program ‘A la Cachi, Cachi Porra’ of Canal Once, where he shared with Silvia Navarro and Claudia Lizaldi.

In soap operas, his first opportunity was in ‘Maria from the neighborhood’also was part of the cast of ‘Wooden woman’, ‘Until money do us part’, ‘and Fire in the blood’.

In addition, he acted in the unitarians as ‘Woman Real Life Cases’, ‘Decisions’ and ‘As the saying goes’. As for modelling, Gaby collaborated with the famous ‘Playboy’ magazines. Lastly, she worked for the cinema with the feature film ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Last Resort’.


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