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Who is Fernando Colunga’s partner?

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  • Who is the alleged partner of Fernando Colunga?
  • After unleashing rumors about his love preferences, they ‘uncover a secret’.
  • It is speculated that Fernando Colunga has an affair with a beloved actress.

Partner of Fernando Colunga. Within the world of entertainment, hundreds of speculations are created about the lives of celebrities of all kinds, but the most frequent always has to do with their sexual orientation, such is the case of the beloved actor Fernando Colunga, who for a long time was questioned about his love tastes.

Well, let’s remember that for years Fernando Colunga was involved in the controversy after rumors emerged that he is gay and that he apparently had a history of his alleged boyfriends, so far many speculations have been raised against him but the actor He claims that he never had an affair with men.

Is Fernando Colunga gay?

Partner of Fernando Colunga

Given this, many doubts began to come to light regarding who his true love partner is, since if he accepts that he is not homosexual, why has he never been seen with a woman in front of the cameras? Reason why in this article we share with you who is the couple of the soap opera heartthrob.

Fernando Colunga has always been very “discreet” with his love life, because outside of Thalía, no one knows more people who have fallen for his charms, and that is why everyone “suspects” that he is gay that he has had several loves with many celebrities who have been their boyfriends. Filed Under: Couple of Fernando Colunga

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