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Who is Elizabeth Debicki, actress who plays Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’, season 5?

The conflicts between Princess Diana and the royal family are the backbone of the fifth season TheCrown. The new chapters narrate the turbulent events faced by the British crown in 1992, a year known as the Annus horribilissince it was during this period that the queen had to deal with the controversial divorces of her three eldest children and the burning of the Windsor Castle.

Without a doubt, one of the chapters that generates the most interest is the breakup of Lady Di and the the prince Carloswho in September became the new king of England after the death of Isabel II. The new installment of the Netflix series has a renewed cast, in which the performance of ANDElizabeth Debicki like the Princess of Wales.

‘The Crown’: who is who in season 5; meet the new cast of the series

Lady Di He died at the age of 36 on August 31, 1997 after suffering an accident motoring. Her death came just a year after she made her divorce official from Prince Charles, whom she married eight years later. Camilla Parker Bowles.

Lady Di |  Instagram

Lady Di | Instagram

His tragic death was not the only thing that generated controversy, the royal family also became the target of criticism for refusing to grant him a state funeral, although they finally changed their minds at the insistence of the British people.

Who is Elizabeth Debicki, actress who plays Lady Di in ‘The Crown’

The actress was born in Paris, France on August 24, 1990, that is to say, that it has 30 years. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia alongside her parents and her two brothers. In 2010 he graduated from Victorian College Of Arts, although at first he thought of studying law.

He made his film debut with A Few Best Men, then he had already participated in several television projects and plays. However, his jump to stardom came with the movie The Great Gatsbyin which he embodied Jordan Baker and shared credits with Leonardio DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan.

He has participated in films such as Macbeth (2015), CIPOL’s agent (2015), Everest Y Guardians of the Galaxy vol. two, in which she plays Ayesha (the golden High Priestess). Her last project on the big screen was in Tenetof Christopher Nolan.

elizabeth debicki She is very jealous of her private life, so she does not have social networks. It measures 1.92 cm and has ancestry Polish and Irish. Without a doubt, the actress has managed to portray the bearing and the characteristic gestures of Princess Diana.

Elizabeth Debicki talks about the challenges of being Princess Diana

In an interview for Netflix, the actress reported that to prepare for the role she had a huge collection of notes, interviews, photographs and books. She also pointed out what part of Lady Di’s history they focused on for this season.

“It deals with how their marriage disintegrates and culminates in an inevitable crisis: divorce (…) One of the themes that we explore a lot is the isolation that Diana experienced because of her separation and how she is further removed from the royal family”.


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