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Who is chef Urias, the “lost twin” of Christian Nodal

Photo: Screenshot (Tiktok/@chef_urias)

Christian Nodal is a famous regional Mexican singer who has had great successes like bottle after bottle Y Goodbye Lovebut recently a video of his “lost twin” went viral.

Its about Chef Uriaswho is originally from The Savior and bears a striking resemblance to the interpreter of tell me how you wantthis resemblance was increased when he began to play with TikTok filters and recorded several videos “using” Nodal’s tattoos.

In one of them, he made a cymbal in the section he called “Cooking with our Cristhian Nogal”in another of them he pretended that he was singing We are no longer nor will we be while walking through the streets.

Realizing that these publications were going viral, he decided to pay tribute to the Mexican singer and replied all the tattoos that Nodal has on his faceeven recorded a video showing how her makeover went.

“This was my transformation of Christian Nodal”recorded with the default voice of TikTok, later shared a photo session in which he imitated Nodal’s poses on his own Instagram.

Through his account, he wrote that he decided to characterize himself by comments made to him in his close circle, although he does not believe that his resemblance is so strong, he decided to pay tribute to the 23-year-old:

“It all started with a joke and a couple of people saying that he had a resemblance to @nodal, Well, the truth is, I don’t think so much, but I’m glad because he’s an artist with a great career who, in addition to singing, writes, when I imitate him I did it with a lot of respect, greetings to all, new things are coming”, mentioned chef Urias.

Some of the comments regarding the specialist in viral gastronomy transformed into Nodal were: “The resemblance is unbelievable!”“OMG are two drops of water”, “I didn’t think they looked alike but he is his lost twin”, among other compliments.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The videos of chef Urias, whose real name is Luis José Urías Padilla, already have more than 100 thousand reproductions and thousands of likes, he even recorded his arrival at a local television forum in El Salvador, where some people were moved despite knowing that is not Nodal, but they found it amusing to be around a man similar to their idol.

In June 2022, it had already been massively disseminated to a barber who was nicknamed as Jonny Nodalwho in addition to resembling the 23-year-old, also had features similar to those of Johnny Depp.

The young man has a haircut similar to the one used by an actor from Pirates of the Caribbean while his face is a combination Come in Nodal’s face before getting tattoos and Johnny Depp’s mustache.

At the time, some of the comments made by Internet users were: “Incredible that the Johnny Nodal multiverse exists”, “he is Christian Depp”; “Jonny in a universe where he did lose his mind and 3 Tom Hollands appeared by law”, “careful he gets upset and makes a tiraera” and “don’t even tell Nodal that he’s going to get angry like with J Balvin”, in reference to the controversy of the Mexican regional singer with the reggaeton player.

A hairdresser went viral for his physical resemblance to Johnny Depp and Christian Nodal

The hairdresser’s video gathered more than 4 and a half million views on this social network, in addition to almost 500 thousand “likes” and more than 4 thousand comments. So far, the man who looks like Christian Nodal and Johnny Depp has not appeared on social networks Nor has his name been revealed.

Subsequently, the TikTok account that shared the original video replied various reactions from users, who burst out laughing at the similarity.


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