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Who is Carla Alemán, Toño Mauri’s wife? (PHOTOS)

  • Reveal details about this spectacular couple
  • Why is Carla Alemán hardly visible?
  • Piercing! The Mexican actor reveals what happened to one of his children

Wife of Toño Mauri: Toño Mauri is one of the most recognized telenovela actors in Mexico. His performances have been highlighted in some of the most watched soap operas in Latin America, such as those that took place from 1998 to the early 2000s, when he was climbing to fame.

‘Simplemente María’, ‘Infernal Trap’, ‘El Privilegio de Amar’, Juana Iris’ among others that are more than 10 in which she has had a great participation. But many people do not know what is in the private life of the Mexican actor, because here we will answer all your questions.

Who is his wife?

Wife of Toño Mauri

Toño married a woman named Carla Alemán, with whom he recently celebrated 30 years of marriage, specifically in the month of February. Mauri dedicated an emotional message to her on Instagram: “Carlita, thank you for these 30 wonderful years. In health and disease”.

Much information is not known about Toño’s wife, however the “Revista Fama” revealed that Carla is the granddaughter of former President Miguel Alemán Valdés and daughter of Miguel Alemán Velasco, who was governor of Veracruz. She has always been linked to beauty pageants, since her mother is former Miss Universe Christiane Magnani.

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