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Who is Brooklyn Beckham, the media heir

Brooklyn Beckham is 23 years old, the age his famous father was when he was born. For those who believe in the power of numerology, it must be said that David and Victoria Beckham have been married for 23 years. At that time, July 1999, he was a star at Manchester United and she was one of the Spice Girls.

The wedding, at a castle in Dublin, captured worldwide attention.

That’s why when now the magazine Variety it covers Brooklyn as a benchmark for the new generation in Hollywood, presenting him as “the heir to the other British royal family.” They include it in the edition, in which the singer Becky G also appears, because from her networks, and with home videos filmed with her Iphone, made a place for itself in the world of gastronomy.

“He has found his passion and has made a name for himself through food”, says the influential American entertainment magazine.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz got married in April 2022. She is an actress.  AFP Photo

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz got married in April 2022. She is an actress. AFP Photo

full blown wedding

In April 2022 the marriage of Brooklyn and actress Nicola Peltz, daughter of a billionaire, was no less followed by the media. It took place in a mansion near the sea owned by the bride’s family in Palm Beach, a villa where the wealthy in Florida spend the summer.

The photos made it to the cover of the magazine fashion and this time David and Victoria they were luxury guests, but they did not steal the spotlight to his eldest son. He was accompanied by his brothers Romeo and Cruz and his sister Harper.

Upon marriage, Brooklyn decided to adopt his wife’s surname to create right there, on that foundation stone, the Peltz Beckham dynasty. He doesn’t know when his children will begin to arrive, but he plans for many.

“I’m going to be the first cook in this family,” says the man who was destined to be the second footballer in his father’s family. He kicked the ball since he could walk, but it seems that Arsenal released him when he was 16 and there he had to shuffle and hit again.

She studied fashion design and photography at a New York school, did several campaigns as an international modeluntil the pandemic made him find his axis: food.

David Beckham, president and co-owner of the Inter Miami soccer club, celebrates his son’s achievements on his Instagram account, which has 74 million followers. The one in Brooklyn has 14, there is no discussion about who is the most famous. Romeo plays in a second division of Inter Miami, and waits for his turn.

How to stand out among so many

David Beckham's eldest son adopted his wife's surname and is called Brooklyn Peltz Beckham.  AFP Photo

David Beckham’s eldest son adopted his wife’s surname and is called Brooklyn Peltz Beckham. AFP Photo

Brooklyn quickly managed to stand out in this litter of young entrepreneurs who have the extra (It) factor and manage to attract the masses. It is the Beckham that the media are now talking about, intrigued by their fantastic genetic mixhis old-fashioned romance and those cooking videos he came up with to relieve boredom while in quarantine and made him an influencer.

He does not like to call himself a chef, he considers himself a self-taught cook. He launched a cooking show on his networks, but now wants to star in a reality show cooking with his wife in a pub he plans to buy in Beverly Hills. David and Victoria have already made an arrangement with Netflix to have their own reality show.

Of course Brooklyn has detractors. Some British tabloids have said that he doesn’t deserve the recognition, that he doesn’t have any talent, and that they only put him in because he is “the son of”. Her wife was shown to be at odds with her mother because she did not wear a dress from her atelier, although in reality Victoria did not arrive on time and her girlfriend had to go to Valentino.

“I don’t wish bad to those who hate me, I prefer to do my thing and be happy,” he replies. His wife’s family lives in New York, he grew up in England, but has now made Los Angeles his home. His photos sell and the paparazzi know itbe it for a walk with Nicola or aboard the Mac Laren that his father gave him.

He says that he learned that they were famous the first time he walked off a field and everyone was throwing himself at David to ask for his autograph. She warns him that so much attention makes him anxious, luckily she discovered that cooking makes him go away.

Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Petz.

Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Petz.


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