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Who is Anara? YoStop. girl reporting

  Who is Anara?  YoStop.  girl reporting

A case of rape of a young woman when she was a minor and she was criticized by YouTuber, is relevant once again after a trial.

MEXICO.—On the night of last Tuesday, June 29, attorney general of justice Confirmed from Mexico City detention by Yoselin “Ann”, better known as yesstop, for his alleged involvement in the offense of child pornography.

for his part anara, Schütte and Delsol also made the news known by publishing a message shared by Gojon Abogados, who carry matter. He later shared a video in which he mentioned his feelings about the arrest.

Let me tell you that on March 3 Complaint filed for the offense of similar rape done by four men to the detriment of the then minor Aina S.

However, in the said complaint Yoseline Hoffman, better known as yesstop it was Flagged for child pornography, since the youtuber shared a video on his YouTube channel in which Talked about what happened to Ainara Suarez.

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in the clip yesstop which he titled “pathetic generation” Criticizes and insults a young woman who according to him belonged to the influencer “in a peda” He put himself in a Moet bottle, That is, champagne, through the vagina.”

internet celebrity too Indian in your video who had material But it wouldn’t show it because it was “pornography”.

After generating the hashtag #JusticiaParaAinara, and sharing several tweets in which you can read: “There is no 16 year old girl who has been raped” Ignorance must also be dealt with and YoStoP. like youtuber’s bias“, many began to wonder who he was.

He is the one who created the YosStoP . was informed of

anara suarejo, as we mentioned, was raped by several subjects who recorded and shared videos of her and on social networks, she resumed in 2020 Faced with an attack by YouTuber YosStoP.

The girl turned to social networks to show the hypocrisy of the influencer, who claims to support the feminist movement in Mexico, but she He called her “a very, very deviant woman of morality”, In addition to calling her “put*” several times in that video, that talked about her case.

In a video recorded by Ainara Suarez, The young woman says she was sexually abused in 2018, when she was 16, but that didn’t matter to Yoss Hoffman, who criticized her so harshly that it tarnished her reputation.

Now the complainant said, “My claim on Yostop is that he put me*, to publicly defame me and greatly complicate my life at the age of 16.”

Young He now expects YosStop and those involved in its violations to pay What did they do with her.- With information from social networks.

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