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Who is Ana Maria Canseco?

  • Who is Ana Maria Canseco?
  • Everything you need to know about the Mexican presenter.
  • Ana María Canseco returns to ‘Despierta América’ to give news.

Who Ana Maria Canseco. After a great career on television, Ana María Canseco managed to position herself as one of the most beloved Hispanics on television with said speech. It should be noted that not only has she performed on the small screen, but she is also recognized for her unrecognizable voice on the radio.

Ana María Canseco is an actress, television presenter and radio host of Mexican origin who has lived in the United States for several decades. She was born in Mexico City on September 5, 1967, and from a very young age she became interested in the artistic environment, participating in important television productions in her childhood.

Who is Ana Maria Canseco?

Who Ana Maria Canseco

Although today she is known as an outstanding television presenter and radio announcer, Ana María first ventured into acting when she was just eight years old, when she participated in the successful children’s telenovela “Mundo de Juguete” in 1974, according to what reviewed by the portal Telemundo.

After this participation, Canseco moved away from television screens to focus on other jobs; however, in 1997 he returned to television. On that occasion, he would do it for the North American company Univisión. In that year she joined the group of presenters of the morning show Despierta América, where she remained for thirteen consecutive years, until her departure in October 2010. She Filed as: Who Ana María Canseco.

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