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Who is Alejandro Chaban?

  • Former host of Despierta América
  • Now CEO of Yes You Can!
  • You don’t make your relationship public?

Recognized for his time hosting the popular morning show ‘Despierta América’ broadcast by the Univisión network and now for his time in the world of entrepreneurship, writing and personal motivation, but, beyond that, who is Alejandro Chabán? ?, Here we tell you.

Originally from Venezuela, Alejandro went through different life circumstances from a very young age, including eating disorders caused by loss of self-esteem when he was just a teenager, as he has revealed in various interviews.

Who is Alejandro Chaban?

Who is Alejandro Chaban?

However, Chabán has been characterized by “putting a good face” on problems and trying to be a figure of inspiration for children and adults. That is why today we are telling you about this young Venezuelan and his “shocking” life story.

As detailed in a video on the YouTube platform, which shares an interview conducted in 2014 by Univisión, the former host of Despierta América is observed revealing details of his childhood and how complicated it was to suffer from bullying due to his overweight.

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