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Who have been ‘the women’ of Eugenio Derbez?

  • Eugenio has had many loves
  • His 4 children are from 4 different women
  • Who is the woman who stole his heart?

Being in the world of fame from a very young age, Eugenio Derbez was in the public eye for a long time. His love affairs were not hidden by the actor and comedian, that is why all the ladies who were in his heart at some point are known.

Although he has been married for some years to the actress and singer Alessandra Rosaldo, he has not stopped having contact with his other women, since he has children with some of them. It is impossible for him to stop having some relationship with them, but let’s review who these aforementioned are.

Aislinn’s mother!

Aislinn's mother!

Aislinn is Eugenio’s firstborn, the result of the relationship he had with Gabriela Michel. There is not much information or photographs of her with her daughter on social networks; however, in a recent broadcast of Aislinn’s podcast, called “The Magic of Chaos”, details of the relationship she had with the famous actor were revealed.

Gabriela Michel is currently married to announcer Jorge Alberto Aguilera, with whom she has two other daughters, Mich and Kiara. In these years she has continued to be active in the field of dubbing, giving her voice to various television characters. FILED FROM: Women of Eugenio Derbez

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