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Who got Diego Bertie’s inheritance?

  • Actor Diego Bertie has died at the age of 54
  • He lost his life after falling from a building
  • Who got Diego Bertie’s inheritance?

Diego Bertie inheritance. The death of the beloved actor, Diego Bertie was unexpected for everyone, since at 54 years old he was in very good physical health, however, problems began to arise when he made his likes known. Where his former partner, Jaime Bayly, also revealed his sexual orientation to everyone without his consent.

It should be remembered that on the morning of Friday, August 5, the entertainment world dressed in mourning, before the tragic news of the death of a beloved actor, Diego Bertie, who lost his life after falling from a building. Immediately the followers were present on social networks to give him the last goodbye.

Who got Diego Bertie’s inheritance?

Who got Diego Bertie's inheritance?

Before his tragic death, his relatives suffered a tremendous impact, especially his daughter Aíssa Bertie and his nanny Teodora Bonilla, being considered his second mother, according to the actor’s words when he was alive. However, new details about the Bertie case have emerged, according to News from Peru.

Questions have appeared on social networks about who was the heir to Bertie’s fortune? It should be remembered that Diego considered his nanny as part of the family. So it is considered that she was the one who received the money from the deceased artist.

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