Home Entertainment Who are the most famous lefties?

Who are the most famous lefties?

Who are the most famous lefties?

Each August 13 marks the worldwide day of the southpaw, who went from being stigmatized by some segments of the inhabitants, to depart every kind of prejudices and have a good time our variations, due to this fact we current a few of the left-handed extra well-known:

Ned flanders

The non secular neighbor of Homer who has tolerated for years to lend issues to his neighbors with out their return in addition to being an fanatic of ichurch began a enterprise of particular objects for lefties.

Invoice gates

Philanthropist and one of the tech-savvy individuals on this planet, the sensible tycoon is Left handed.

Barack Obama

One of many presidents most charismatic with a powerful potential in oratory and a born sympathy, he confessed that he’s left-handed

Julius Caesar

It’s stated that the person who overthrew the republic and started the passage to the Roman Empire, along with one of the sensible generals, an admirer of Alexander the Nice he was additionally left-handed.

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