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Whitney Port reveals her pregnancy is no longer “viable”: “We’re pretty upset”

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Whitney Port and husband Tim Rosenman shared a rough update on pregnancy during their first trimester in a moving new YouTube video.

Port Whitney shared a difficult update on her pregnancy in a new video. 36-year-old TV personality and her husband Tim Rosenman uploaded a new reaction to YouTube for a season six episode of The hills Wednesday November 17. The couple wrote that it was a “difficult video today” in the “about” section of the video, revealing that they had recently discovered that their pregnancy “was not viable”.

“We’re pretty upset, but we’ve been through this before and everything will be fine,” the bio continued. “We didn’t know that at the time of filming and we still wanted to let you know today.” About five minutes into the clip’s start, Tim, 42, says they don’t have any updates on the baby, but will do so once the video goes live. The clip then moves on to the added update, where Tim reveals that their doctor didn’t hear their baby’s heartbeat in the first trimester.

“Last week the baby had doubled and he heard her heartbeat, then this week there was no beat,” said the visibly distraught Whitney. The Hills alum said a recent ultrasound made it look like there was “no embryo” and her yolk sac was thin, indicating the baby was not “healthy to begin with.” Whitney added: “We obviously had a lot of hope and I thought it was just going to continue to grow.”

Whitney Port And Tim Rosenman
Whitney Port and her husband Tim Rosenman (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

Whitney announced that she and Tim are expecting in a YouTube video shared on November 3. The two also share a son Son, 4, set. She told her viewers it was “probably another unhealthy pregnancy” due to her past miscarriages in the emotional video. Whitney has experienced two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, an early form of miscarriage that occurs when a fertilized egg does not fully implant in the uterus. While the two were initially “scared” for the baby’s health, the video featured a promising update several days later: an embryo and heartbeat detected.

In an interview with PEOPLE published on November 16, Whitney admitted it was difficult accept pregnancy congratulations based on past experiences. “It’s so hard for me to take even a ‘congratulations’ just because I’m still so early in the game,” she said. “I’m still in my first trimester, which I know is something that not many people really share from the start. Everything is still tactile week after week, as women know when going through pregnancy. The first trimester, really anything can happen.

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