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Which VLA host will replace Yahir during the next concert of “La Academia”

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The Sonoran announced his absence (Photos: Instagram)

Though Jahir is one of the most beloved singers since his participation in the first generation of The academy, since he was chosen as host for the show’s 20th anniversary, the critics have not stopped raining. This is why, among the rumors of his alleged exit from the singing contest, Aztec TV announced that a driver of come the joy will soon replace the Sonoran.

Is about Laura G. and, contrary to what might be thought, the participation of this presenter will not be definitive, but will only replace the singer during the concert next Sunday, who previously indicated that it can’t be host during that date due to a work commitment.

Laura G. will be the conductor who will take the microphones of The academy to make us spend a unique evening. Our beloved morning presenter will take the place of Yahir for the only time next Saturday, July 30, through our Azteca UNO signal, ”can be read in the statement issued by the company.

Given this, the reactions were immediate and Pedro Sola, host of windowingsent his congratulations to the presenter from his account Twitter.

It will do very well. Laura @LAURAGII is a good driver, she knows her job and the public loves her”, wrote.

However, some of the most ardent followers of The Academy: 20 years They were upset by the decision made by the production and pointed out that Laura G was not the most suitable.

“I think it was unnecessary to look for someone else when Vanessa could have covered Yahir’s absence and William would have taken over backstage.” “It’s good that they warn not to see the next concert “. “Going over Vanessa?” “They put the unbearable Laura on us… that happens because we complain about Yahir,” were some of the mentions.

Laura G was criticized (Photo: Instagram/@lauragii)
Laura G was criticized (Photo: Instagram/@lauragii)

Yahir announced that he will be absent from “The Academy”

It should be remembered that, prior to the diagnosis of COVID-19 that Rubí received and from gastroenteritis that other students from The Academy: 20 years, Yahir went to the famous house to give a talk to the students.

“The discipline of musical theater is very similar to what they are living right now The academyIt is a wonderful experience to work as a team”, he began to point out.

Never in life are we fully prepared, never in life are we going to like everyone, neither the critics, nor the teachers, nor the public, I wish we could achieve it, but we have to be very well focused on what we are capable, in growth, in discipline, and that is going to make you happy.

Santiago captivated the jury with his interpretation of Juanes
Santiago captivated the jury with his interpretation of Juanes’ “La camisa negra”. (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)

The Sonoran reiterated that it is very important to respect family times even though the demands of the environment are becoming stronger.

There, after talking a little about his professional career and the challenge that has been leading the program during this season, the singer revealed that he will not be present next Saturday because he has a musical presentation.

“I see them on Saturday, so… no, sorry, on Sunday because I have a concert on Saturday. See you on Sunday, envelopes,” she said to deny the rumors about his possible departure from the program.


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