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Which film and television productions in North Carolina received federal grants?

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper reported that five film and television productions have been awarded grants by North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grants. It may interest you: Rapper Money Only Mo, threw money from a helicopter for children in Charlotte

It did this by subsidizing refunds for state-made productions as a nudge to continue making them in various North Carolina cities.

These latest projects will increase film-related production spending in North Carolina to more than $241 million and create more than 13,000 job opportunities by 2022. “We’re excited to have more cameras running in our state. Having the communities of North Carolina as a backdrop for studio-backed and independent projects is a positive multiplier for our talented workforce, our small businesses and our economy,” Gov. Cooper said in a statement. What productions will receive the North Carolina grants? According to the President, the following TV series and feature films receive this funding: Cinema films

Welcome to Flatch – $6.5M Untitled Please Don’t Destroy – $7M Website – $937,500

Second time – $156,250 Series Eric Larue – $589,105

“We are happy about more and more productions that create economic development opportunities in our federal state. From feature films to TV and streaming series to commercials and travel shows, our state is once again proving to be one of the premier production opportunities,” said Guy Gaster, director of the North Carolina Film Office, to The Show providing financial support for film and film enlistment Television productions that often stimulate economic activity and job creation in the state. The money is given after the production, you don’t get any money in advance. It may interest you: Romeo and Julieta Limeño, a Latin play born in Winston-Salem

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