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Where will Queen Elizabeth II be buried? This you should know about the place where his remains will be

Since last Friday, the president, king and queen, ambassadors and other diplomats who will attend the state funeral of Isabel IIwhose ceremony will take place in the abbey of westminster. Earlier in the week, the monarch’s coffin arrived at westminster hall, a chamber of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, for the British people to say goodbye to their queen.

However, in a few hours he will be transferred to the place that will be his final resting place. The funeral acts that will end the period of mourning in honor of Isabel II They will be held on Monday, September 19, and for this reason one of the most recurring questions has been where their remains will be buried, here we tell you.

All the details of state funeral were carefully planned and compiled into the plan Bridge Operation From londonwhich was designed and signed by Queen Elizabeth II several decades before her death.

Where will Queen Elizabeth II be buried after her state funeral?

At the wishes of the monarch, his remains will be buried in the memorial dedicated to his father, King George VI. It is an annex to the Chapel of Saint George, an enclosure that is located insidel Windsor Castle, where he lived for much of his life.

In this way, Elizabeth II will rest with her husband Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died in April 2021. There she will also ‘reconnect’ with her father, King George VI, her mother, Elizabeth, and her younger sister, Daisy flower, Countess of Snowdon, who died in February 2002 in the Eduardo VII hospital in London suffering from various health problems.

Although most of the British royals rest in the royal crypt built in the basement of Windsor, but due to lack of space it was decided to build this memorial, which was ready in 1969.

According to Daily Maila 4:00 pm in London (11 am in Mexico) the remains of the queen will be buried. Before the coffin is lowered into the Royal Vault, the crown jeweler will remove the Imperial Crown, scepter and orb from the coffin, which will be lowered into the Royal Vault, where Elizabeth II will rest next to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, his parents and his sister, Princess Margaret.

Isabel II

It is worth mentioning that more than 100 dignitaries and other personalities must attend the “funeral of the century”, among them, the US president, Joe Biden; the King of Spain, Felipe VI, and his father Juan Carlos I; or the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, announced a government source.

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