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Where was the supposed theory that Juan Gabriel was an alien born?

The Divo de Juárez continues to talk about with theories about his supposed extraterrestrial origin (Photo: Twitter soyjuangabriel)

After they will go viral on TikTok Some excerpts from an interview John Gabriel in which it says “come from another planet”, doubts have resurfaced among users and they have made various theories about it.

The video is called “The strange moment in which Juan Gabriel claims to come from another planet”, a place from which he had to escape after being destroyed by a war, as he mentions it in a song.

“I come from the planet Erra (…) I am wandering but not wrong,” Juan Gabriel told the interviewer.

The theory gained strength shortly after his death, when they did not show the singer’s body, because according to some Internet users, he would have faked his death in order to return to his planet.

This image is one of the tests that Joaquín Muñoz has presented to insist that Divo de Juárez is alive (Photo: Instagram)
This image is one of the tests that Joaquín Muñoz has presented to insist that Divo de Juárez is alive (Photo: Instagram)

And it is that in the song Do not turn off the lightthe interpreter refers to that theme, which according to some fans, would prove that he tried to say it through a song.

“Beyond the sky, the full moon, those two stars. Beyond the sun, beyond everything, that sea of ​​stars, those six planets, that’s where I come from. Between Mercury, Uranus and Pluto I had a planet and he was my home, but a war that broke out turned out the light. Around Saturn was my planet, it is in pieces. I turned and turned around him, that was the end of him. I ask that now, do not turn off the light. Come to Xel-há, come to Tulum. Don’t turn off the light anymore, come to Xcaret, come to Cancun. Some went to Cetus and Orion, others went to Volan and Arana, They brought me to the land of the sun and now I’m here”, is what was mentioned in the song by Juan Gabriel.

On the other hand, a channel TikTok called Stellar Truth, uploaded a video explaining that billy meier he is a supposed “contactee” by aliens and he was the first to mention that planet, which is supposed to be that of the Pleiadians.

Also, that same man founded a kind of organization called SEMJASEand in the same way, the shelter for unprotected children that Juan Gabriel built had the same name.

Likewise, in amazon there is for sale a book in german language written by susan hirshin which that name and also the Pleiadians are mentioned in the title.

Currently, there are several stories on social media and forums stating that the DI live in Juarez it was an alien.

What is a fact is that Juan Gabriel is one of the most important cantes of Mexico and the history of music in Spanish.

The Divo from Juarez has managed to remain in force despite his death, and the new generations continue to listen to his successes as until i met you either Eternal love.

He died on August 28, 2016 at the age of 66, due to cardiac arrest, in Los Angeles, and that is 6 years after his death premiered the latest musical recorded by Juan Gabriel alongside Banda El Recodo and La India.

This news became official and Already is the name of his song, along with with the participation of one of the most successful groups in the history of the Mexican regional, Banda El Recodo and with the participation of a Puerto Rican salsa, boleros, ballads, pop, reggaeton, bachata and more, India.


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