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Where to Buy Tickets for His Show in September

The list of international trips doesn’t stop: Demi Lovato returns to Argentina. After a long wait for her local audience—the last time she was in 2014—Lovato will perform again in the country. Friday, September 9 at Movistar Arena,

Thus, Buenos Aires becomes one of the stops to promote the tour. holy fvckHis eighth and most aggressive album, which will be released on August 19.


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Tickets will go on sale Friday the 10th through the Movistar Arena website at 10 a.m., with prices ranging from $6,700 to $14,200.

  • Front Field $14,200 + s/c
  • Low Platform 1 $14,200 + s/c
  • Low Platform 2 $12,200 + s/c
  • Low Platform 3 $10,200 + s/c
  • Rear Field $9,200 + s/c
  • High Platform 1 $8,200 + s/c
  • High Platform 2 $6,700 + s/c

what demi Will step on Argentine soil for the fourth time in his careeris in a new phase of his life, connected to his most real aspect which he depicts in the album utterly disruptive in relation to his past works.

an important show

In addition to the live debut of his new songs, the concert will include a tour of his entire discography, which It has over 30 billion views across platforms todaywith undeniable hits like flexible ballads skyscraperCareless Sorry not sorry or his enduring queer anthem cool for summer,

The show promises representative moments of all its sounds, always a commitment to boundless music and faithful to a genre-mixing approach, in a fusion of pop, R&B, rock, soul, and more, always a very From lyrics with a personal and intimate impression.

Demi’s return promises to be unforgettable, not only because of the singer’s great personal and artistic presence, but also because of the long-awaited reunion with her faithful Argentine.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato. about

Demi Lovato’s career includes not only her illustrious music career but also memorable roles in film and television. She became famous on Disney Channel shows like barney and friends and series as the bell rings You Sonny With a Chanceapart from movies camp Rock You Camp Rock 2,

Demi also defends freedom of identity, and best sellers such as . enters literature with staying strong,

He jumped into the universe of popularity thanks to his acting talent, which soon paved the way for his music career due to his incredible vocal ability. Demi is truly a sensation on a global scale: she has fans all over the world, crossing 215 million followers on social media.

With seven studio albums under her belt and over 30 billion streams on Spotify, Lovato now presents her eighth studio album, holy fvckA journey of sounds based on Demi’s rocker and pop-punk roots that features a grim but ironic retrospective of her life experiences.

Demi Lovato concert at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium on April 29, 2014 in Argentina.  Photo: Tony Valdez

Demi Lovato concert at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium on April 29, 2014 in Argentina. Photo: Tony Valdez

Her authenticity and vulnerability have been praised since her inception: Demi showcased her transformative growth in two documentaries, just complicatedin 2017, and dance with the devilin 2021. In addition to his artistic work, he is part of Global Citizen, where he is dedicated to the field of mental health with a special focus on vulnerable communities around the world.

Lovato won numerous awards and honors throughout her career:

  • 1st MTV Video Music Award
  • 14 Teen Choice Awards
  • 5 People’s Choice Awards
  • 1 Spirit Award
  • 1st Latin American Music Award
  • 1st GLAAD Vanguard Award for Services to LGBTQ+ Activism
  • In addition, he has received two Grammy Award nominations, four Billboard Music Award nominations, and three Brit Award nominations for his work.


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