andColombian group Morata, who gained world fame with his music while oblivious to reggaeton, She’s on her new album “Where Are We Going?” are back with.

An album that in the words of the members The music is “more mature” and “reflective” on the path. where they want to go.

How do we want to get there?

“The constant uncertainty during this time made us think not only about where we wanted to go, that is, Where will the music take us, otherwise how do we want to get there?.

“It represents a little idea The group’s musical exploration of where we come from, what we bring What is the consideration when traveling to that place and this way”, highlights Juan Pablo Villamil, bass player, with Juan Pablo Isaza, Simon Vargas and Martín Vargas.

Origin and essence of Morat

The band formed in 2015, when it gained fame With songs like “My New Vice” and “How Dare You”, it has since become “a lot”.

That journey to “maturity” is reflected not only in his songs, in which They sing love songs and contain social messages, But it also appears on the cover of this album which reaches all digital platforms today.

Morat opened the drawer of memories

The album cover features the members of the group with serious faces. In the elevator of a fourteen-storey building (like the songs in the album).

There they carry a large amount of junk, most of which refer to their previous releases, As if they were opening a memory drawer.

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a round disc

As they confess to the EFE, the secret they have a “round disc” do they have extra time “Prepare it well” thanks to the pandemic.

“This album should have come out last year, but For several issues we decided to delay it, Even though most of the songs have already been composed and recorded.”

Music collaboration on new album

“Where do we go?” (universal music) a work in which they have various collaborationsone of them is a Colombian singer Sebastian Journey on the song “Under the Table”, experience that qualifies as “amazing”.

Too “Nightmare” with Andrés Cepeda and “Simply Pass” with Chilean singer Camila Gallardo.

Danna Paola. special connection to

Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola has long wanted to collaborate Morat K.

they miss the mexican interpreter “We wanted a female voice in the song (“Idiot”), as it has a special vocal arrangement. And it would hit a woman’s voice, and that’s how Danna’s name came out.

Morat’s different style

Contrary to what is prevalent among his world famous compatriots, Morat practices a “very pop” type of composition. That, to differentiate itself, takes advantage of the possibilities of the banjo, which gives them an air between indie and folk.

However, they assure that They will have no problem cooperating with regrets, As long as the song “convinces them” and “includes instruments.”

dream come true

Friends from the age of 5, when they met in Bogota, None of these twenty-somethings could have conceived in the spores of that dream of making music.

A fantasy that would take him on a tour of America, One of the challenges they faced in 2019 and will have to repeat this year.