Where and how to see the crossover of The Simpsons and Star Wars?

Finally came el Star Wars Day or better known as “May The Fourth Be With You”, a celebration of the most special thing that fans of the saga created by George Lucas have and now, Fox and Disney they had an amazing day for this date.

What Disney is the house that has the full rights to Star Wars, decided to join forces with the legendary series The Simpsons (The Simpsons), who were created by FOX and launched a special chapter dedicated to this May 4.

A crossover that meets everything a Star Wars fan requires

That’s how it is, Disney and Fox decided to work together making a crossover of The Simpsons with Star Wars, and the result is more than great, since the story meets and lives up to the content released for Star Wars.

Yesterday, Fox and Disneý + They were in charge of making noise for this new content, in which they announced their arrival on both platforms in various advertisements, but no further details were known.

This adventure is now available on Disney +, in addition, it is starring nothing more and nothing less than Maggie Simpson and she will be a unique heroine in a galaxy far far far away.

What is the new crossover of The Simpsons and Star Wars about? (watch out, no spoilers)

This legendary chapter begins when Marge takes Maggie to daycare, but since this adventure begins there are tremendous references to the Star Wars saga.

From the beginning, characters like Ahsoka Tano, R2-D2 and the story begins when Maggie loses one of her most precious items, that is why next to BB-8 He decides to go looking for it and that is when the adventure of our little heroine begins.

We can only tell you that there are epic fights and scenes that will make you remember the passages of the Star Wars saga, so this episode is not wasted.

Who made and directed this short film?

The short film is directed by David Silverman and the script was written by Joel H. Cohen, Al Jean and Michael Price and the result is truly epic.

Let’s remember that this is the first crossover of The Simpsons with other Disney franchises, Thanks to the result, we do not doubt that there will be more content of this type.

Where and how to see the crossover of The Simpsons and Star Wars?

East The Simpsons and Star Wars crossover is available from now on Disney +, so if you don’t have a plan, you can hire it here.

The plan is also to place this chapter on the platform of Star Channel, only that will come months later, but we recommend hiring a Disne + plan, because luxury releases are coming.

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