When she appears, Arkula becomes oblivious.

MEXICO. — One of the most followed by Mexican programs, the new version premiered, as another season of the reality show began on May 1, starting anew. MasterChef Latino, Where participants from different countries want to be the best cooks.

MasterChef Latino, how is this 2021 format?

The most important change is that it is not broadcast by television, but by streaming. Also appears Chef benito, One of the most loved characters of other seasons. He is included in two other judges: The Chef Ennio Karotta and Chef Claudia Sandowal.

Aracely Arámbula leaves her unknown with driving

The presenter he used to associate with the show Anicut maskL However, on May 1, his face was missing and entertainment journalist Alex Caffey had already said something.

Some time ago he confessed Aracely Arámbula will become the host of the television programOn. La “Chule”, as her surname is, took on Saturday’s episode and wore a black dress to make her comeback on the small screen.

Will Aracely Arámbula Driver?

Although everything seems to indicate that yes, also due to the latest post on the official Instagram account master Chef, It is unknown whether Aramula will cooperate andn MasterChef Latino Or will be the official voice of the program from now on, as Annette Mitchell once was.

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