Home Entertainment When is Heavy Metal Day celebrated?

When is Heavy Metal Day celebrated?

When is Heavy Metal Day celebrated?

International Day of Heavy metal It is celebrated every May 16 because he passed away in 2010 Ronnie James Diowho made great contributions to this genre.

Ronald James Padavona was born on July 10th 1942 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA and although very far removed from this style of music, when he started playing it he made a big mark.

Grew up in new York and after learning the horn, he ventured into jazz in the Cortland High Jazz Band. He later began experimenting with rock and later focused on other rhythms. Joined the band The electric elveswho ended up being known as Eleven; there he began to gain great recognition.

Later he was with the band Dark purple and joined Rainbowwhere he recorded the album “Rising”, one of the flagship materials in metal.

In the 1980s he joined Black Sabbath to replace Ozzy Osburne where he created the popular song “Heaven and Hell”. He then worked as a soloist from 2006 to 2010 when he died of stomach cancer.

For his contribution to metal, fans and musicians decided to use the day of his death to honor all this kind of this genre.

Heavy Metal Day started in 2011, a year after the death of Ronnie James Dio.

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