When is Father’s Day? Why is it celebrated?

June is the month to celebrate Father’s day and was formally born as a tribute from a daughter to her widowed father who took charge of her upbringing. When to save the date for dad?

When is Father’s Day? Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday in June, this 2021 will be June 20. But it was not always like this. At first it was tried to install on July 5, 1908, when a church in West Virginia held a ceremony to commemorate a group of parents who had died at a coal company in Monongah.

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What is the story behind Father’s Day?

After the Civil War, an attempt was made to establish Father’s Day, as it existed on Mother’s Day. However, the success of that celebration is due to Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman whose widowed father took over her upbringing and that of her siblings. He installed a fight in Washington, where he lived, until he managed to On June 19, 1910, the first Father’s Day will be celebrated in that state, although other cities held masses as a tribute to the parents.

June 19 was chosen because it was the birthday of Sonora Smart’s father, William Jackson Smart (1842-1919), a Civil War veteran who cared for his six children after his wife died during childbirth. Coincidentally, this day coincided with the third Sunday of the month.

In 1924, the then president Calvin Coolidge declared Father’s Day nationwide. But it was shot at third Sunday of June in 1966 by the proclamation of the President Lyndon B. Johnson and in 1972 Richard Nixon made it a decree to make it a national holiday.

Most countries adopted the date with except for some in Latin America and the Caribbean such as: Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. On Europe, This celebration also has other dates: Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, among others.

You already know when is Father’s Day and why we celebrate that date. Now do not miss the occasion to honor dad.

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