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“When I found out my name wasn’t going to be on Lunch With… I cried”

After months of back and forth, and negotiations between Eltrece and the production company StoryLab to define the date and conditions, the return of Mirtha Legrand, the great TV diva, is finally ready to go. This Saturday at 9:30 p.m. it will be the turn of Mirta’s nightand on Sunday, at 1:45 p.m., having lunch with Joanwith Juana Viale at the head.

-Mirtha, how do you prepare for this return that generated so much expectation?

Mirta: With great joy, happiness, emotion. I really want to. But, after two and a half years without being on the air, it’s a bit hard to come back. I’m scared too.

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale return to TV this weekend.  Photo Press

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale return to TV this weekend. Photo Press

– At this stage of the profession?

Mirtha: Yes, it always happens to me. I think, Will I remember the names? It’s a lot of responsibility. Also I want to look good, cute, young and be alert to everything. I remember that it drove Daniel (Tinayre) crazy with that. And he told me: ‘Enough, Chiquita! You will remember everything.

And in the end it’s always like that.

Mirtha: Yes, once the lights come on in the studio I’m on my own. This is like riding a bike, even if you don’t practice for a long time, you never forget. Also, it gives me a lot of pleasure to do my job. Every time I got back in the car, after doing the show, I thought: ‘How well my brain responds’, because doing this makes me happy.

-In your case, Juana, how do you live this time prior to your return?

Joan: I live it with great happiness, I am happy to meet again in the studio, which it’s my new housewith all my co-workers. As for expectations, I don’t have many because, if they are not met, it’s a downer. So I enjoy the present, which is what is important. The present is the gift we have today.

From home (in pandemic) to work

-It was two and a half years away from TV, a long time considering the more than 50 years she had been on screen. Did you feel that lack a lot?

Mirtha: Actually yes. it was very hard for me. I was 300 days without leaving because of the Covid, it scared me. And there came a time when, with Elvira (her assistant), at home, we had no more topics of conversation. So, now I also prepare with a speech therapist, which is excellent, makes me repeat the letters and numbers out loud. Y I read the newspaper out loud. He also tells me to sing.

-What does he sing?

Mirtha: I sing the anthem. The neighbors will think I’m crazy for singing the Anthem aloud. but I sing Hey mortals… you have to do it because, if not, the vocal cords atrophy. And he explained to me that the letter that has to be repeated the most is not a but e. Every day something new it’s learned.

Everything stays in the family: Mirtha opens the weekend, Juanita closes it.

Everything stays in the family: Mirtha opens the weekend, Juanita closes it.

-After two and a half years, will there be any news in the programs?

Mirtha: It’s going to be all new for me, a big move. That’s why I want to go before, to see what the set is like, everything, I don’t know, gives me that insecurity. But I’ve even prepared the dress, which I’m not saying how it’s going to be because of the cabal. Make it a surprise.

-Now the days will be distributed, in a fixed way, between the two, is that right?

Mirtha: Yes, I’m going to be there on Saturdays, and Juana, on Sundays. So the days that I am the program is going to be called Mirta’s night and on Sundays, from now on, it will be having lunch with Joan. When I found out my name wasn’t going to be on Lunch With… I cried.. It’s a lot of history, but she’s divine and she’s going to do very well.

Was it a joint decision?

Mirtha: The channel asked us to be like this and I thought it was fine. Sundays are very long and it’s exhausting. On the other hand, Saturday is shorter and it’s better that way.

-With this start in September, the whole season will be shorter this year.

Mirtha: Better this way, to resume the rhythm little by little. Nor am I going to do the season in Mar del Platabecause it involves many extra things, being with people for the photos, what happens there is very exhausting and I’m not here for that anymore. I would like to do the program from Buenos Aires in the summerbut I haven’t talked about it yet, we’ll see.

Mirtha is preparing with a speech therapist.  And she went to the dentist to make her teeth shine.

Mirtha is preparing with a speech therapist. And she went to the dentist to make her teeth shine.

A return with news

-This year, among the guests, there will also be people from the public, how will that dynamic be?

Mirtha: I still don’t really understand how it’s going to be. But I think it’s a lot like what I’ve done many times already, with other guests who aren’t famous, but have interesting stories to tell. I have interviewed doctors, mothers, I suppose it will be the same dynamic if they have something to say that might interest everyone.

Joan: I love the idea, but it is true that it is not something new, because Mirtha has already done it, she’s been ahead of us for years. I find the idea of ​​sharing the life stories of characters not so well known, but who have something interesting to tell, beautiful.

Mirtha: I like to know about people’s lives, I study a lot about each guest, before each program. But all of that takes time to prepare. I find out about everything, about what he did, about his family, I find out where he was born, what neighborhood he’s from. It’s a mania that I have that of knowing where people live, whenever I pass by somewhere I remember who lives there.

-What started as a replacement, in your case, Juana, with driving, at this point has already become part of your career as well.

Joan: It’s no longer a replacement, right, it’s already a fact, that’s why having lunch with Joan.

-What do you like most about driving?

Joan: I like to listen, to talk, to be lucky enough that, for example, a spectacular musician comes to the program and listen to him live, or the possibility of spending time with my fellow actors. Also being able to ask politicians questions without being afraid of any answers. I think it’s a set of everything. And obviously, being with Jimena (N. of the R: Monteverde, the show’s chef) Y laugh out loud.

In the days before the debut, several important events took place in Argentina and in the world and Mirtha, of course, was not unaware of the information. Some touched her more closely, like Nelly Trenti’s deaththe historical announcer of her program and who accompanied her for many years.

With pain, Mirtha fired her from her social networks: “Dear Nelly, you will always be in my heart! A professional life together. Unmistakable ‘With you Mrs Mirtha Legrand’. I’m going to miss you,” she wrote just a couple of weeks ago.

From the attack on CFK to the death of the Queen

But there was also an event that shocked society and that was the attack suffered by the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Regarding the assassination attempt, the diva assured: “It was something terrible, a horror. If they had achieved their mission, terrible violence would have been unleashed. I never thought that something like this could happen in the country. I must admit they neglected her quite a bit“.

Regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, Mirtha commented: “I was always attentive to what she was experiencing, we were contemporary. Those moccasins with buckles, the purse, the gloves always caught my attention.. It must not be easy the task that she had to do, but I think she was a great queen and she deserves a tribute. She was one of those people you think will never die.”

Last month, while the details of the return to TV were being finalized, Mirtha surprised by starring in a spot for The House of the Dragon (House of the Dragon)as an announcement of the premiere of the series’ prequel games of throneswhere he put himself in the shoes of a Targaryen, the family dynasty of the HBO Max series. A curiosity that she took as a “break” before her return.

Always active, on September 28 it will receive, in a ceremony at the French Embassy, ​​the Chevalier Order of the Legion of Honora distinction granted by the Government of France to personalities from culture, art and the civil sphere, French or foreign, for their extraordinary merits.

Mirtha’s return was about to fail. Two months ago, after reports, conversations and negotiations that included the “mediation” of her former producer and friend, Carlos Rottemberg, finally the producer of her grandson (Nacho Viale) reached an agreement with Adrian Suaron behalf of Eltrece, to seal the return of grandmother and granddaughter to the small screen.

In December 2020, Mirtha and Juana shared the farewell program of the year, after the first season in which Viale replaced the diva in her historic cycle. Later, in August 2021, already vaccinated with two doses of Sputnik, Chiqui returned, only for a program to, this time, replace Juana who was on a trip.

Four months later, again at the end of the year, Legrand returned to the studio to make the last program of Mirta’s night and then Juana was there, at the end, to greet the public together.

Now, focused on this return with everything, Chiqui assures that these days her daily life has been revolutionized: “The house was altered, with the test of the dress, the makeup people, the hairstyle, a great move. But it’s a nice hustle and you have to do it,” he says.

record woman and unique case on world television, not everyone can say that she is ready to return to television, at 95 years old. With the same professionalism and enthusiasm as always, she adds: “I even went to the dentist to have bright teeth”.

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