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When does ‘Bullet Train’, Brad Pitt’s movie with Bad Bunny, premiere?

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Bullet Train is the new action movie that will be released in theaters, and that will offer a cast where there will be an antagonism between the emblematic Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and the musical star Bad BunnYwho already adds some jobs in the film and television industry.

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What is Tren Bala, the new theatrical release, about?

The movie tellsThe odyssey of seven murderers who board a Japanese train to settle scores in an action comedy that promises a lot for some.

a film event Bullet Train is a funny and delusional thriller director’s action Dead Pool 2, David Leitch. Brad Pitt Leads a Cast of Eclectic and Diverse Killers – all connected by conflicting goals – on a non-stop journey through modern Japan“, explains the synopsis of Sony Pictures.

In an interview, Brad Pitt spoke about the large dose of comedy that the movies have: It’s an action comedy, and for me it’s much more fun than the usual hits because it’s full of humor.” he explained.

It is clearly designed for the movie theater, to generate that contagious laugh when you are in a group, wanting to have fun“, he added.

Bullet Train: cast

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny lead a cast complemented by names like Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Brian Tyree Henryunder the direction of David Leitch.

In the words of Brad Pitt —who plays a hired criminal who comes out of a bad season obsessed with his lousy luck called Ladybug—, his character is “he is the king of fools, everything goes wrong“.

Bad Bunny fights with Brad Pitt in one of the scenes (Special).

Bullet Train: premiere in Mexico

Bullet train will be available in movie theaters in Mexico starting Wednesday August 3rd. At the moment, it is unknown about its arrival on entertainment platforms, so the only alternative is in the cinema.


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