When “Chabelo” joked and killed Eugenio Derbez (video)

MEXICO.-Although now it seems that the raceAnd Eugenio Derbez Is on top, gone viral Video From its beginnings, where he appears to be scolded and even killed, live entirely, by a recognized character on Mexican television, Xavier Lopez, “Chabelo”.

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The collaborators of the Eugenio program were Day-Day “In the family with Chabelo “ Which aired on Sunday morning. In the video you can see How “Chabelo” scolds derbies Not to speak well saying the winning raffle ticket.

“Speak well, speak well … Explain, child!” Chabelo to DerbyPunching him in the face with the z card.


Derbies, on top

Although no debut is easy, Dirbez demonstrated his talent for acting and later made his programs on television, playing the roles of various characters. However, his fame is not National only, Since he tried his luck in the United States as a producer and with appearances in a few films.

Currently, his famous family also accompanies him on Amazon’s reality show “De Viaje con los derbez”. They recently adopted TikTok creators as their trainees and excluded social media content from them.

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