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when and where will the Norwegian band perform

when and where will the Norwegian band perform

Come back a-ha: the Norwegian band will play on March 25 at the Buenos Aires Movistar Arena from Villa Crespo, within the framework of his world tour Hunting High and Low, which celebrates 35 years since the release of that successful album.

The trio of singer Morten Harket, keyboardist Magne Furuholmen and guitarist Pål Waaktaar-Savoy will review the album containing their biggest hits, such as Take on me, The Sun Always Shines On TV and the song that gives the album its name, among others.

Twice postponed

Is about the resumption of a tour that started in 2020 but it should have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. This concert was postponed twice: at first, a-ha was going to perform here in September 2020 and, after suspending that date, it was announced for August of this year, but the health situation did not allow it to take place.

A-Ha In Action: The Band Should Have Come In 2020, But The Pandemic Thwarted The Plans.

a-ha in action: the band should have come in 2020, but the pandemic thwarted the plans.

Tickets purchased for those occasions will be valid for this new date.

Forty years is nothing

The band last performed in Argentina in 2015 at Luna Park, when he presented Cast in steel, album released that same year. It was a resurrection: five years earlier they had come to the same stadium at the start of a supposed farewell tour entitled precisely Farewell Tour. At that time they also presented a new album: Foot of the mountain.

Next year, a-ha will turn 40 years of existence. Throughout these four decades, the group sold 70 million records and won six Grammys, has fifteen hits that reached the top of the rankings and a Guinness record: they scored 198 thousand people at Rock in Rio II at the Maracana in 1992.

Morten Harket, king of falsetto

Morten Harket, A Voice That Is A Reference In Pop.

Morten Harket, a voice that is a reference in pop.

The singer, Morten Harket, is famous for reaching pitches so high they would be the envy of the Bee Gees. It is supposed to be capable of spanning five octaves, about which he once humorously said: “I never counted them.”

On fan forums they wonder if now, at age 62, he will still have a surplus of voice or if the current versions of the songs have adapted to the foreseeable fatigue of his vocal cords.

He was considered one of the best voices in Europe and also one of the most photogenic men who have posed in front of a camera: with his face in front, with that air of Patrick Swayze, the posters of a-ha knew how to adorn the walls of the rooms of thousands of teenagers over the years’ 80.

Harket had five children with three different women and only Tomine, one of his daughters, was professionally dedicated to music. Morten’s musical history began before a-ha, with a group called Soldier Blue.

Take on me

Morten Harket With A-Ha In 2010 At Luna Park.  Reuters Photo

Morten Harket with a-ha in 2010 at Luna Park. Reuters photo

But worth marking as a starting point Take on me, which was the band’s biggest hit and it probably has the most original video clip ever seen in the ’80s. There real images were mixed with black and white animations, in a realization that marked a milestone for the time.

From that catchy comic, Harket became an ice hunk and poster sensation in the rooms here and there. There was a break because in 1994 the band broke up for the first time and Morten embarked on a solo career that so far includes six albums.

In 1998 the band met and returned to activity until 2010, the year in which he announced his farewell. In 2015, after five years of silence, the a-ha returned with Cast in steel and another world tour that started at Luna Park.


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