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What will the voice of the snail be like, a work focused on family obsessions

A father crossed by a tragedy on the high seas. A fisherman who survived a shipwreck that occurred fifteen years ago, in which a baby that the fisherman rescued also survived. He raises her with his wife. They never tell you their story. Until now. These are the axes of the voice of the snail, the first work of Paul Mizeswho in addition to being a playwright is a psychoanalyst.

Directed by Sebastian Vigothe work will premiere on September 1st in the Area 623 room (Pasco 623), in Balvanera, and that It will have performances every Thursday at 8:00 p.m.. Its protagonists are Paula Mujica Lainez, Daniel Goglino and Camila Bernadaz.

Vigo is, in addition to being a director, actor, playwright and teacher, trained with Tina Serrano, Lorenzo Quinteros, Pompeyo Audivert, Ricardo Bartís, Mauricio Kartun and Guillermo Saccomanno. He is also a jury for the ArteVivo Foundation dramaturgy award and directed, among others, the last diva.

"The voice of the snail" will have functions every Thursday from September 1st.  Photos: Ximena Duhalde.

“The voice of the snail” will have functions every Thursday from September 1st. Photos: Ximena Duhalde.

The word of Pablo Mizes

The author explains that the work refers to the founding drama of a family. “Each one of the members is crossed by an obsession: Ismael (the father), for understanding the sinking of his ship at the origin of the tragedy; Marina, (the daughter) for knowing his story and Nerea (the mother), for knock down the unspeakable,” he says.

And he adds: “The marine world works as a metaphor for a drama where the truth emerges trying to break the silence. It is about the construction of a watery universe, where at every step the plot is revealed through the voice of a snail“. According to Mizes, the figure of the snail, like a whisper, tells us the traumatic origin of life history.

The work, moreover, is a project of visual and auditory experimentation that tries to find a meaning beyond a realistic-naturalistic style of reproduction, which usually arises from a text. And it has the participation of the singer and composer julia mizes on stage.

The poster of "The voice of the snail".

The poster of “The voice of the snail”.

According to the director, “as a work team we agree on narrative principles and seek to capture them with the multimedia resources that we are interested in exploring,” he says: “The dramatic text accompanies us in the experience. We make theater by letting the text circulate among us.”

Who’s who at the start

The team of the voice of the snail has great experience. Paula Mujica Lainez is an actress, teacher and theater director, and she acted directed by Lorenzo Quinteros, Daniel Marcove, Norman Briski and Enrique Masllorens, among others.

Daniel Goglino is an actor, director and theater teacher, he participated in the Teatro de la Complicité in England and Odin Teatret in Denmark. He was also trained in contemporary dance and singing. In some of his works he was directed by Alejandra Boero, Julio Baccaro, Alejandro Samek, Claudio Tolcachir and Gabriela Izcovich.

Scene from a rehearsal of "La voz del caracol" ahead of its premiere, in Area 623. Photo: Ximena Duhalde.

Scene from a rehearsal of “La voz del caracol” ahead of its premiere, in Area 623. Photo: Ximena Duhalde.

For her part, Camila Bernadaz trained in acting at the UNA, in workshops at the San Martín Cultural Center and at the Sportivo Teatral, in addition to studying dance and singing, while the singer and composer Julia Mizes studied singing with Sebastián Matiassi and María Heinen and, guitar with Facundo Menéndez.

The visual design of the work is in charge of Pablo Varela, Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (UNA), where he is also a teacher, in addition to working as a photographer and Art Director of several audiovisual performances.

In charge of lighting design is Alfonsina Stivelman, who as a visual artist has worked for shows in Argentina, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Venezuela. In addition, she created the light work for multiple spaces Proyecto Lumínico Verde.

The costumes are the responsibility of Jorge López, with extensive experience in theater, opera, dance, musicals, circus, film and television. Worked with Cirque du Soleil in Seventh day; in the musicals Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Phantom of the Opera and in cinema, in the movies Zama of Lucrezia Martel and Aunt from Buenos Aires Teresa Constantini; and in Cinderella at the Teatro Colón, among others.

Julieta Urri, a graduate of the National University of the Arts, is in charge of the set design. She also studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and at the ISATC (Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón), with work at the CTBA (Buenos Aires Theater Complex), the CETC and at the Cervantes National Theater, among others.

In the meantime, the body dramaturgy is by Andrea Mizesdirector of HUELLAS Study and Research of corporality today, as well as teaching collaborator of the Corazza Study for acting, which directed by the Argentine Juan Carlos Corazza in Madrid. Psycho-corporal therapist, with training in dance, theater, mime, puppetry, and eutony, she works linked to theater.

“We are looking for a work that invites the spectator who goes to the theater to complete with fantasy everything that the scene keeps unexpressed,” says Mizes. “In a space based on counter-forms and extractions of parts of reality from visuals and strong contrasts of light and shadow, we define our search for an abstract theater“.

According to the author, space is not a wrapper within which some things happen, but a dynamic element of the entire dramaturgical conception and, from there, the necessary atmosphere arises to create a subjective universe.

the voice of the snail It will have functions on Thursdays at 8 pm in AREA 623 (Pasco 623), from September 1. Tickets by EventBrite www.eventbrite.com.ar.

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