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What will the battle of La Voz Argentina be like, a new stage of reality

What will the battle of La Voz Argentina be like, a new stage of reality

A month after its premiere, the third edition of voice of argentina (10:30 p.m., via Telefe), a reality show that had a mission—nearly impossible to live up to masterchef celebrity, was established as the new undisputed ratings leader. You This Wednesday “Battle”“.

With too much data to wind up in these times of streaming Furioso -average 20 points-, the popular international format closed the first leg of “blind audition”, where Ricardo Montaner, Soledad PastoruttiMILF Lali Esposito and Brother Mau and Ricky Montaner He chose his favorite participants, guided only by their vocal sound.

After knowing the life stories of applicants – many of them left behind, but they have another chance in the digital competition rematch, along with Steffi Roitman and Emilia Mernes—and with four teams that are already full of talent, It’s the turn of “battles”, a new and exciting phase of the program that won Argentina.

This Will Be The Ring/Scene Of The Battles.

This will be the ring/scene of the battles.

From this Wednesday night at 10.30Each coach must arrange a confrontation between two members of his team. Both the singers will perform on the same song as a duet.. At the end of the performance, the coach must decide Which of the two is still in competition And who should leave the program.

In addition, all jurors will have two robberies available, namely, They will be able to keep one that has been removed by another coach and dropped out of the competition.

To prepare the participants, the coaches will have a collaboration of great current contexts from different genres. In this third edition, the assistants will be Nahuel Penisihandjob Miranda! -One of the juries and team leader in the first season of La Voz in 2012-, Nikki Nicole You Cashew.

Nahuel Penicci, One Of The People Who Will Help The Team Leaders In This New Phase Of &Quot;Battles&Quot;.

Nahuel Penicci, one of the people who will help the team leaders in this new phase of “battles”.

All of them will act as co-coaches, providing advice and feedback to candidates during rehearsals before each duet performance. phase out Warhandjob The time will come for “Knockouts”, “Playoffs” and “Live Presentations”.

Unbeatable in rating battle

when it was announced that voice of argentina I was going to replace primetime Of masterchef celebrity, the undisputed television phenomenon since the outbreak of the pandemic, few dared to predict Reality shows can get similar success.

However, the show hosted by Markle receives similar numbers to the Celebrity Culinary Contest, almost every night and even surpasses the 20 mark. tripling, sometimes, which they put forward.

La Voz Argentina, A Pandemic Tv Phenomenon.

La Voz Argentina, a pandemic TV phenomenon.

It should be remembered that from this Monday, La Voz Showmatch competes with La Academia throughout its broadcast., which went from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 8 steps of crore (Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.), question-and-answer program that returns to El Tres.

Times change wasn’t so great with Marcelo Tinelli’s multidisciplinary reality show, which debuted this Monday with a nice 12-point mattress left by Bicycles. guido kazka – something that the driver was asking for from the channel – but with the passage of minutes it started going down, while Sound Climb up