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What were the 20 most viewed movies in 2021?

What were the 20 most viewed movies in 2021?

It was not, of course, an easy year. For no one. The cinemas opened timidly, with reduced capacity, some closed, and now that they are at 100% the illusion suggests that the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home it is going to infect – in the best sense of the word – many spectators, so that they return to the dark rooms.

Sanitation protocols are followed, and it is easy to observe it in each complex, from how the localities are sold, to the amount of gel alcohol and the temperature measurement (well, the latter not always).

Tank Marvel and Disney, he said, was – is – like a mirage. In just two weeks it took 17.90% (2,309,388) of the total public (12,896,141), according to the Ultracine company and we already know, or knew in pre-pandemic times, that December was never one of the highest grossing months in Argentina.

Spider-Man And Dr. Strange: Sony Teamed Up With Marvel And Together They Were Dynamite.  Photo Marvel / Sony

Spider-Man and Dr. Strange: Sony teamed up with Marvel and together they were dynamite. Photo Marvel / Sony

And in January other tanks arrive (Sing 2, King’s Man: The Origin), the national Today the world is fixed, with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Natalia Oreiro, plus several with probable Oscar nominations (The alley of lost souls, by Guillermo del Toro, for example).

To get excited, there is always time.

Let’s move on to see which were the 20 highest-grossing films of this one, the year we lived in a pandemic.

The 20 most viewed movies of 2021


&Quot;Spider-Man: No Way Home&Quot;

“Spider-Man: No way home”

Premiere December 16

2,309,388 viewers


Venom: Carnage Released

Venom: Carnage released

Premiere October 7

838,079 spectators


Fast And Furious 9

Fast and furious 9

Premiere April 1

732,003 spectators




Premiere November 4

664,096 spectators


Godzilla Vs.  Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong

Premiere March 25

648,778 spectators


Space Jam: A New Era

Space Jam: A New Era

Premiere July 13

542,558 spectators




Premiere November 25

532,310 spectators


Black Widow

Black widow

Premiere July 8

385,274 spectators


Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

Premiere September 2

372,715 spectators


The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Premiere June 10

324,918 spectators


A Boss In Diapers 2

A boss in diapers 2

Premiere July 22

303,667 spectators


Don'T Breathe 2

Don’t breathe 2

Premiere August 12

279,284 spectators


The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

Premiere August 5

238,184 spectators


The Croods 2: A New Era

The Croods 2: A New Era

Premiere July 1

221,450 spectators


Paw Patrol: The Movie

Paw Patrol: The Movie

Premiere August 26

200,296 spectators


Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Premiere February 11

198,436 spectators


Jungle Cruise

Jungle cruise

Premiere July 29

194,748 spectators


The Purge Forever

The purge forever

Premiere July 15

189,760 spectators


No Time To Die

No time to die

Premiere September 30

168,984 spectators




Premiere October 21

167,528 spectators

Analyzing 2021

Taking a look at the list of the 20 highest grossing films, it clearly emerges that:

. All but one (Dune, mostly from the United Kingdom, which is the 20th) were produced in the United States, and only 4 were in co-production between the United States with another country.

Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet, In &Quot;Dune&Quot;, An Oscar Nominee?

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, in “Dune”, an Oscar nominee?

. The first Argentine film on the list of the year is Cato, which with its 63,052 tickets sold is in position 36. The national cinema was very far from the top this year.

. Among the 20 most viewed, 5 are animated (and one more combines actors with drawn characters: Tom and Jerry). Are Space Jam: A New Era, Charm, A boss in diapers 2, The Croods 2 Y Paw Patrol: The Movie.

There Were Not, This Year, Many Of Terror In The Top Ten: &Quot;The Spell: The Devil Made Me Do It&Quot; Was An Exception.

There were not, this year, many of terror in the Top ten: “The spell: The devil made me do it” was an exception.

. Only two horror movies slipped in (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Y The purge forever, which combines it with action, really), a genre that local audiences were always very addicted to.

. There are no comedies among the favorites. There are touches of humor in several of them (from Venom: Carnage released to several of Marvel and obviously the animated films), but none is purely comedy. The most viewed? Free guy, with touches of action, and that was 23rd.

&Quot;Godzilla Vs Kong&Quot;, One Of The Warner Bros. Movies In The Top 20.

“Godzilla vs Kong”, one of the Warner Bros. movies in the Top 20.

Unlike what happened in the United States, where Warner Brothers decided to release all its titles this year simultaneously in theaters and on streaming, on HBO Max, in Argentina those films were at least five or more weeks in sign before jumping to the same platform. And wrong, here, it was not for the company: it has 3 among the 10, and 6 of the 20 most viewed (Godzilla vs. Kong, Space jam, The Conjuring 3; Y The Suicide Squad, Tom and Jerry Y Dune).

By the way, it was the first company that premiered when nobody dared, at the beginning of the year, 22.65% of the public saw its films and reaped 20.21% of the collection of cinemas across the country.

. There were disappointments. And I’m not talking about whether the film was good, average or bad, but rather that they did not move the interest of the Argentine public.

&Quot;Wonder Woman 1984&Quot;: There Was A Lot Of Talk About Her, But Few Saw Her.

“Wonder Woman 1984”: There was a lot of talk about her, but few saw her.

Do they have to score?

Neither Ghostbusters: The Legacy, neither Free guy, with Ryan Reynolds, Mortal Kombat, Cruella, Wonder Woman 1984, The last duel neither Trolls 2 they brought the number of spectators that, a priori, they were going to have.

&Quot;Venom: Carnage Unleashed&Quot; Did Well In 2D Theaters As Well As Those Shown In 3D.

“Venom: Carnage Unleashed” did well in 2D theaters as well as those shown in 3D.

. Some complexes closed and did not show films again, such as the Cinemacity General Paz, on Avenida Cabildo, in Belgrano, or the Cinépolis Caballito, on Avenida Rivadavia.

. 3D did not stop attracting viewers. Although we cannot say that the fashion of getting more expensive tickets and putting on glasses has passed – in some pre-pandemic years, the percentage of the public in 3D was higher -, the podium of the Hollywood tanks in 3D is also led by Spider-Man: No Way Home, followed by Venom: Carnage released, Eternals, Charm Y Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Fast and furious 9 it just entered 6th place, when it was the third most watched movie of the year.

Hopefully 2021 has been a year of transition after a disastrous 2020. It is proven that the pleasure of watching a movie with good projection, excellent sound and on a big screen there is nothing to give you.

The most viewed Argentine films

&Quot;Cato&Quot;, With Thiago Pzk As A Young Man From The Buenos Aires Suburbs About To Become A Trap Star, But ... Photo Archive

“Cato”, with Thiago PZK as a young man from the Buenos Aires suburbs about to become a trap star, but … Photo Archive

  1. Cato Premiere October 14 63,052 spectators
  2. Me baby, me princess Premiere October 28 37,500 spectators
  3. The magic night Premiere March 11 25,334 spectators
  4. The fugitive Premiere September 30 22,766 spectators
  5. Ex-married Premiere December 2 22,650 spectators
  6. The longest night Premiere March 25 18,209 spectators
  7. Maró’s secret Premiere October 28 5,062 viewers
  8. The panellist Premiere March 4 5,013 viewers
  9. It’s going to end Premiere March 25 4,196 viewers
  10. The Rabbit House Premiere October 21 3,360 spectators

The 10 favorite complexes of the public

  1. Hoyts Abasto 12 510,662 spectators
  2. Showcase Rosario 14 344,144 spectators
  3. Hoyts Temperley 9 316,479 spectators
  4. Cinemark Malvinas Argentinas 10 308,736 spectators
  5. Hoyts Moron 8 307,541 spectators
  6. Hoyts Quilmes 12 284,329 spectators
  7. Hoyts Dot 10 276,598 spectators
  8. Cinépolis Avellaneda 16 271,840 spectators
  9. Cinemark San Justo 6 257,985 spectators
  10. Cinepolis Neuquén 7 252,460 spectators

In which districts were there more audiences?

  1. Greater Buenos Aires 4,688,931 spectators
  2. CABA 2,353,552 spectators
  3. Rest of the province of Bs. As. 1,021,488 spectators
  4. Cordova 989,468 spectators
  5. Santa Fe 855,302 spectators
  6. Mendoza 568,159 spectators
  7. Jump 418,507 spectators
  8. Neuquen 411,524 spectators
  9. Tucuman 268,636 spectators
  10. San Juan 158,320 spectators Source: Ultracine

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