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What was the chronic illness that secretly tormented Pedro Infante?

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Definitely, Pedro Infante was one of the greatest exponents of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinemastanding out for being a charismatic actor and singer at a national and international level, winning a Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and a Golden Globe.

Pedro Infante began his career as a singer in Sinaloa and later moved to Mexico City, where he debuted with small appearances in the cinema. His first major role would be in the 1943 film The Flower Show.

It was in that same year that director Ismael Rodríguez helped him position himself as a movie star by making films like Mexican to the war cry, scandal of the stars in 1944 and When the brave cry in 1945. Later he personified Pepe el Toro, in the film trilogy: We poor, you rich Y Pepe the Bull.

Throughout his career, the actor originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, carried an athletic and healthy imagein addition to always being in a good mood, being considered a leading man of the Golden Cinema.

Nevertheless, no one would imagine that the famous Mexican actor had a chronic disease that affected his quality of life.

What disease did Pedro Infante secretly live with?

In accordance with the paper “The unknown life of Pedro Infante in Mérida” of the researcher and director of the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Yucatan, Jose Luis Vargas Aguilar, the singer and actor suffered from diabetes and depression.

“Pedro Infante liked to exercise a lot, it is known by everyone, but what is not well known is that he suffered from diabetes and since at that time there were not as many medications for its control as there are now, exercise is the best treatment”, Vargas Aguilar mentioned.

Even the pilot’s license that Pedro Infante had indicated that he wear glasses, since it is suggested that the disease was affecting his sight. Vargas Aguilar indicated that on the day of the accident that caused the death of Pedro Infante, the actor had the position of co-pilot.

Also, According to the investigator, the circle closest to Pedro Infante indicated that he had episodes of depression Because of key moments, the first was when his father died and the second was the suicide of actress Miroslava Stern, who was a close friend of the singer.

Nevertheless, It was until April 15, 1957 that the singer and actor Pedro Infante would cease to exist when he died in a plane crash.leaving a big hole in the history of Mexico.


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