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What was the beginning of Andy Kusnetzoff’s cycle, the new volumes and how long was it

Andy Kusnetzoff kicks off the new season of ph, we can talk, the strongest cycle of prime time Saturdays on Telefe. With the same dynamic as in the beginning of 2017, i.e. famous guests willing to talk about everything, the program began with The rating number is the same as in 2021 and was the most viewed number of the day.

In its sixth season, pH It premiered a studio, featured a renewed visuals, revised its most distinctive sections and left a surprising game for last. At 22, Andy arrived in the dressing room of his five guests as a preview.

“We are very happy to be here, thank you people for supporting us. It’s been five, six years since we started, I can’t believe it. Here we are, in a new studio, a spectacular sight”, said the host pH at startup. At that point, the cycle began to thicken 6.6 rating points he left Password and scored 7.9 marks.

PH is back, we can talk: Andy acquires Abel Pintos.

PH is back, we can talk: Andy acquires Abel Pintos.


“He sold 20,000 tickets in six hours,” Andy said. Introduction to Abel Pintos, the first guest to enter. Singer-songwriter premiered pass or say, a light that, when stepped on, brings up two options: if it is green, it continues; If it’s red, it enables a query from the driver.

he followed Micah VisconteThe Finalists of the third season of master chef celebrityWho? She showed the bump at 36 weeks pregnant. i will enter later gonzalo herediawho was the first pH,

was the fourth bellu luciusInfluential and Businessman – She left in January bitten by lozano– who changed Marie Becerra, Urban singer, who just performed at the Grammy Awards, He got down at the last minute because he felt bad.

The moment of confession at the "meeting point" of PH.

The moment of confession at the “meeting point” of PH.

Luciano Castro, an “almost friend” of Kusnetzoff, was the last to enter. Immediately everyone went to the “meeting point”, the longest and most succulent section of pHWhere celebrities talk about their past, discuss various issues and are encouraged to do catharsis on a day to day basis.

In the context of competition, pH was not a great rival, as El Tress decided to revise the program’s schedule. Celebrity Hotel Debate – 10:30 pm to 7:00 pm – and Face it with the cine trace chakra, which was between points 5 and 6.

But everything indicates that, as in recent times, Andy’s program is about to go hand in hand with another table of guests. It remains to be seen whether it will be of Mirtha Legrand or her granddaughter Juana Viole.

Now the table for the new HCP is smaller.  Andy defined it like "once".

Now the table for the new HCP is smaller. Andy defined it like “once”.

The fact is that in the new season at around 10:20 pm we can talk He was already climbing 10 points, which was close to his average throughout 2021. and ten minutes later he arrived 11.1, which would be his highest score of the night.

More confessions, brief dives and one final surprise

Amidst some confessions of the night, Lucius said that he faced a lot of bullying at school; Pintos revealed that the first phase of his relationship with his current wife, Mora, was toxic; And Castro remembered the day Maradona kicked his truck.

Visconte recounts his past as a lifeguard, a job he had come to save fifteen lives; And Heredia goes back to 2012 to describe a day of fury where she had to forcefully lash out at an annoying onlooker.

PH is back, we can talk.  The stuffed animal catcher was surprised at the end.

PH is back, we can talk. The stuffed animal catcher was surprised at the end.

Another one of the changes of the new at the end of the cycle pH, By expanding “meeting point”, the moment of Dinner on the table turned into sliced of a few minutes. “It’s like a bar,” Andy warned, and immediately focused on the closing game.

“The bears of the coast are already located”, Andy declares, before five of them try to catch the stuffed animal, a very popular game in the so-called “Fichins” and which promises to be the star of the new pH, In the debut, Castro and Visiconte were the only ones who went without a stuffed animal.


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