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What time is their new single “Chance” released and where to listen to it

What time is their new single "Chance" released and where to listen to it

It is already known that Paul London came back. The Cordovan singer—one of the benchmarks of urban music in Argentina and Latin America—surprised March 23 with Plan A, his new song that deals more with rock (as with punk rock) than the urban genre. Now he’s planning to cause a stir with “Occasion”His new single.

Through posts on his network—this is his usual way of communicating, much more direct than a press release and in line with the customs of his generation— announced the departure of OccasionFor this, Wednesday 6 April.

Paulo Londra released a new song: "Chance".  photo juano tesone

Paulo Londra released a new song: “Chance”. photo juano tesone

His message garnered 200,000 likes in just 20 minutes and it went like this: “For those who wanted more, we’ll be back on April 6th, I’m crazy because I think this topic is my favorite, Looks like I’m going to write part of the song to kill the handle.”

And in frequent tweets, he was deleting some part of the song’s lyrics.

“You may not feel it like me, but I had an attraction. Then my mind remembers” Dembo And also the rum that we drank. I only ask you one chance. I know he can convince you just by looking at you. I feel like laughing, I’m not sad anymore, I don’t know if you noticed”.

And then he clarified: “Just, sorry, it just so happens that I told you this song was my favorite. Welcome to the club, If you were a person who knew what it was like to feel empty And today you want to feel good about making the people around you at least smile or have fun, so welcome to the club.”

Paulo Londra: Where and when will “Chance” be released?

Later, Paul London Teaser uploaded on his official channel OccasionNew song that will be released this Wednesday, April 6th and will also be announced What time will it be released in each country,

The country-by-country list, along with its respective schedule, is as follows: Mexico at 5pm, Miami at 6pm, Argentina at 7pm and Spain at 12pm.

“Opportunity”, new single from Paul London, Will premiere on Spotify. However, those who do not have a subscription to the music platform can enjoy it on YouTube and iTunes as well.

Plan A: Paulo Londra’s Comeback Song

plan a, London’s latest single, was released a week ago (Wednesday, 23 March) via Spotify. Nevertheless, those who are not subscribers to the music platform can enjoy it through the artist’s official channel on YouTube and iTunes.

plan a Was Written by Londra and Produced by Federico Windvar and Hot Plug, “It shows a never-before-seen musical side of the artist, further highlighting his versatility with a song in the punk-rock genre,” the first statement said.

With Londra consolidated as one of the undeniable references to the entire urban landscape, it was astonishing that the musician suddenly entered into a silence that many could not explain… what happened to him? Why are we suddenly running out of new songs? feedback: Legal Issues, An (almost) clear chapter in a career with so many nascent events at the time of signing his first contract.

Two years ago, in 2020, a legal conflict between Paulo Londra and his until then record label, Big Ligas, and its co-founders went public.

These are his former producers and partners, Colombian Ovi on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo) and Puerto Rican Cristo (Cristian Salazar). That controversy prevented him from publishing music from 2020. Since the courts finally ruled in his favor, he can return to activity.


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