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What other Argentines can win

What other Argentines can win

with spanish parallel momsby Pedro Almodovar good boss You maxabeland mexican nights of fire Like most favorite films, this Sunday the ninth edition of the Platino Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Awards will be held in Madrid.

but that night Will have a strong Argentine accent.

Chain Empire -The police political thriller of an evangelist pastor, with Diego Peretti, Chino Darin, Mercedes Moran and Nancy Duplah, which has already been confirmed for Season 2 on Netflix—is most nominated in history of these awards.

except, rouge espositoSpanish actor Miguel ngel, who conquered Spain with his role in Sky Rojo, will host the ceremony along with Muñoz.

Diego Peretti in his role as a cowboy in the Netflix series "El Reno".

Diego Peretti in his role as a cowboy in the Netflix series “El Reno”.

bugle He is already in the Spanish capital to beat the red carpet and gala at the IFEMA Palacio Municipal with Argentinian talent.

Each year these awards highlight the best Spanish- and Portuguese-language audio-visual works. They are organized by EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity) in collaboration with FIPCA (Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers) and the community and the Madrid City Council.

It is no coincidence that this city has been chosen as the host. Only in 2021 was he “shot” -as they say for the film – about 900 ProductionsBetween movies and series. for example, nice pattern You Parallel Mothers.

Right where the Gran Vía begins – which is like our Corrientes Street with its theatrical offerings – the announcement of the awards hangs. Everything is expected for these hours in it Great city for story telling.

Lali Esposito will be one of the hosts of the Platino Awards and will also sing at the gala.  photo ef

Lali Esposito will be one of the hosts of the Platino Awards and will also sing at the gala. photo ef

In fact, while Argentine tourists flock to the five floors of Primark or “the world’s largest” Zara in search of some remnants of the sale, they may find Argentine brilliance that will take place at Sunday’s gala.

Like China Suarez, who played football at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium (a media conflict zone player to be engaged to Rodrigo de Paul, Tiny Stossel’s boyfriend); or to the star RebelFranco Masini, who is also going to present a statue and bugle Totally looked through that shopping circuit.

The one they definitely won’t see is Bardem, who confirmed at the last minute that he would eventually be at the awards ceremony. It is a mystery whether they will be seen on the red carpet or, rather, they will stop talking to the accredited media. At the same time, his partner Penelope Cruz remains in suspense about his attendance.

where to find platinum

Celebrations to be broadcast live across the US: Red carpet begins 3:00 pm (Argentina time) and 8:00 pm, Fiesta award ceremony. It can also be viewed on TNT for all of Latin America.

They will be the first platinum in which you can see the reaction of the stars without chinstrap, This is the day Spain lifted the obligation to use “masks” in closed spaces.

Like any great show, this too will have a live performance. Lali will be relinquishing this role host To sing (possibly their hit “Disciplina”) and the winner of the Spanish version of Operación Trinfo, Nia, Mexican Pedro Fernández and Roslain and Kani García will also take the stage as a duo to perform their new song.


Javier Bardem, in "The Good Boss", one of the Platinum Awards favorites.

Javier Bardem, in “The Good Boss”, one of the Platinum Awards favorites.

good bossDirected by Fernando Leon de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem—who was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor but alongside Will Smith and another film—has 11 nominations and is expected to take the stage that night, Because that’s what Goya did in 2022.

follows him maxabelby Iciar Bolán, with 8 nominations, and Parallel Mothers, by Pedro Almodovar, with Penélope Cruz – who was nominated for Best Actress for this film at the Oscars and even just before Thappad, Chris It was also the focus of a manly joke by The Rock – .

Bardem’s film tells the story of Julio Blanco, the magnetic owner of an industrial scale factory, who is willing to do anything to win an award for commercial excellence.

It had its world premiere at the official section of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, where it received excellent reviews that highlighted the protagonist. It was selected by Spain as a candidate for the Oscar, but did not enter. It garnered 20 Goya nominations and won six: Film, Direction, Actor, Original Screenplay, Editing and Music.

Parallel Mothers, a film by Pedro Almodovar, with Penelope Cruz.

Parallel Mothers, a film by Pedro Almodovar, with Penelope Cruz.

parallel moms, which received two Oscar nominations and premiered in Latin America on Netflix, didn’t win a single Goya, despite competing in eight categories. Among those awards, Penelope Cruz also lost, having been acclaimed at the hands of Blanca Portillo, the protagonist of Maxbell.

In that Almodovar work, she is Janice, a photographer who meets Ana (Milena Smit) in the pre-delivery room when the two become pregnant without even looking for them. The plot examines the back and forth between this and other links from Spain’s tumultuous past and unites the stories of these two women, far from motherhood.

Maxbell, A True Story About Eta, earned Portillo da Goya for Best Actress. It is based on Mixbel Lassa, a widow who confronts her husband’s killers, the Basque socialist Juan María Jauregu, and her life takes an unexpected turn once again.

The raw dialogue between the perpetrators and the woman who runs under the shadow of the feared terrorist organization ranges from hatred to compassion, with a revealing ending for those who don’t know that part of the story behind the attacks.

The Last of Platinum’s Favorite Movies nights of fire, by Tatiana Huejo. It received a Special Mention at Cannes and three awards at the San Sebastian Festival. The play is set in an area in Mexico where poppy seeds are grown. Three friends take refuge in their friendship to face the harsh reality of drug trafficking.

Golden Festival for Argentine Talents

The presence of Argentina at this edition of the Platinum Awards was led by El Chino Darin, Mercedes Moran, Nancy Duplá, Joaquín Furiel and Dario Grandinetti. They are nominated in the leading and supporting categories.

El Chino Darin, nominated for Platinum Awards for "El Reno".

El Chino Darin, nominated for Platinum Awards for “El Reno”.

Empire, the series created by director Marcelo Pinero and writer Claudia Pinero, is going for the award for Best Ibero-American Fiction or Documentary Cinematographic Miniseries or Teleseries. Compete with Isabel, Luis Miguel: The Series, and Narcos: Mexico.

Empire There are more enrollments. Besides Chino Darin (actor for her work as the boyfriend of the shepherd’s daughter, who competes with Grandinetti, Diego Boneta and Javier Camara) and Mercedes Moran (starring actress for a very solid couple with Diego Peretti) ), Nancy Duplah is among those selected for supporting actress. The nomination is for his role as the committed prosecutor who digs into the series’ early death.

On the side of the evil characters of that evil narrative, Joaquin Furiel competes in the same male category for the dark political operative who manages the lives of all the characters in each chapter.

The creator of the series is also a finalist for Best Producer in a Mini-Series or TV Series, along with Alejandro Amenabar for La Fortuna; Juan Jose Campanella for The Envoys and Pepe Coeira for Iron.

Argentina connects another golden opportunity With i girl i princess, the film about the story of Luana, the world’s first trans girl who received her DNI according to her gender self-perception. Federico Palazzo’s film is nominated in the category “Cinema and Values ​​Education Award”.

“I’m a Girl, I’m a Princess”, a film starring Eleonora Wexler and Juan Palomino, was nominated for Platinum Awards.

At the same time, director Juan Carlos Felix will compete in “Best Debut Feature” for Carnaval, a co-production from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Norway.

The Platinum Honor award will go to the eternal Carmen Moura. In previous editions it was received by Diego Luna, Raphael, Adriana Barraza, Edward James Olmos, Ricardo Darin, Antonio Banderas and Sonia Braga.


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