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What is the short film that Humberto Zurita recorded in Tampico about?

Humberto Zuritaa few days ago he was in Tampico and Ciudad Madero to record a short film about Mauricio Garcés, and recently gave details what is this film aboutwe tell you what he said.

For several days he recorded scenes for the short film in locations such as Miramar beach in Ciudad Madero, the Plaza de Armas in Tampico, right where the statue in honor of Mauricio Garcés is located, it was also in the Champayán lagoon in Altamira.

During an interview for the show the sun risesthe actor indicated that The life of Mauricio Garcés will not be dealt with exactly.

“It is not a story about Mauricio Garcés, it is a kind of tribute, to him, but it is a story about some children who go on excursions in their school and through that they are going to get to know the natural beauties that Tamaulipas has and there is a boy who he falls in love with a little girl but he doesn’t know how to deal with her, then a kind of alter ego appears to him, who would be Mauricio Garcés”.

Humberto Zurita shoots a short film in Tampico about Mauricio Garcés. (@zuritahm)

You can even hear many of the phrases used by the actor Mauricio Garcés in his films to conquer women, but due to the time they had to adapt.

“These gallants from those times when they were like machos and their way of contacting women was no longer used, it was funny back then but today it could be offensive to some of the women and that must be respected.”

Arrooooooz! These are the best phrases of the leading man of the golden cinema, Mauricio Garcés


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