What is the Megalodon, the giant shark that reigned on Earth?

In movies like Jurassic park We have seen different species that reigned on earth millions of years ago, when dinosaurs were the ones that walked on the ground or swam in the vast seas and oceans.

We certainly know that there are fascinating creatures, in land, sea and air there were dominant species, but with the passage of time, in addition to other events, these species began to disappear or some were adapting to the new conditions.

What is the Megalodon, the giant shark that reigned on Earth?

One of the most impressive animals that ever existed on Earth is the famous Megalodon, which is a prehistoric animal and a relative of the current shark.

A recent study ensures that the Megalodon could have a length of 20 meters, although before it was believed that they could grow up to 18 meters.

According to this study, the result of new equations based on the width of the animal’s teeth was reflected.

Researchers have tried to measure the actual size of a Megalodon

For more than a century, scientists have tried to calculate the size of the megalodon, whose name means “big tooth” And boy was it, since it could devour a car in one bite.

The only ones Known remains of the fearsome shark that dominated the oceans about 3.6 million years ago are fossilized teeth and a few rare vertebrae.

The rest of the skeleton of the megalodonincluding his jaw, was made up of lightweight cartilage that quickly decomposed after deathThis is why these parts did not withstand the passage of time.

The only traces of the Megalodon are the teeth

On the other hand, the tooth enamel is very well preserved, and like sharks, the megalodon had the ability to shed thousands of teeth throughout its life, leaving abundant traces of the species in the fossil record.

The most accepted methods for estimating the length of the megalodon have used great white sharks as a modern proxy, based on the relationship between tooth size and total body length.

As in humans, the size and shape of Shark teeth They vary depending on where they are in the mouth, and megalodon teeth are most often found as independent fossils.

By the way, in the Florida museum scanned teeth of a megalodon by computed tomography and made them available online.

Despite the different models of the Megalodon, it is difficult to make a model that is faithful to what the king of the oceans was like and an example would be that no researcher has dared to ascertain what the shape of his jaw was like.

What other fascinating prehistoric creatures do you know or like?

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