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What is the favorite candy of Argentines?

aunt it is but Rhodesia No. Unimaginable divorce. Caramel cookies? Few. Classic brands? Of course. What’s new? scarce. Chocolate bars lose with the snacks. Candy? MMMDiversity, that worn-out word is the one that best fits the category. When it comes to sweets, there is nothing written about tastes. Zero polarization. Neither white nor black.

All aspects that are deduced from an exhaustive field work carried out Nana, in charge of the “first and only candy review website in Argentina”. his name is Natalia Gergorovichthey call her Nana and she has been writing about sweets since 2007, but she has been testing and analyzing them since she was born.

Context: Sweetness week. Free theme: favorite candy of Argentines.

"Naná" is a candy influencer and the head of the opinion poll

“Naná” is a candy influencer and the head of the opinion poll

One thousand twelve respondents. Not bad, the same amount as in an opinion poll on the image of presidential candidates. “It strikes me that Rhodesia is not there,” Nana is traumatized, after reviewing the results. Tita adds 1.5%. “Very little, in the case of a classic.”

Let’s see more: the lollipop does not appear either Peak Sweet and scrutinizing the data, our expert highlights that there are few, almost none, foreign brands Kindergarten. doM&M’s? “Mmm no”. Nougats? “Nope”. Candy Flynn Paff? “Let’s see… neither.”

This is the taster who said: “Lemon Sugus has a disinfectant flavor and the mint one does not refresh”. The one that asks us to distrust the snack Holland and states that the “Hamlet” is a “misnamed chocolate” that it took Shakespeare to deliver to us, probably, “the most heinous calamity of all time.”

The chosen method was to hang on networks and on the site foodies good morph the simple question about favorite treats. Without limitations, without Tacc, without persuasions or criteria. The only condition is that it was a treat that currently could be obtained in newsstands.

“A candy can change the way of perceiving a person’s life, marking a before and after. It’s like a pet, a partner or a best friend. Argentine treats make a dent”, says the specialist from her Instagram account @styloxnana.

The data reports that almost 60% of people surveyed choose Argentine chocolates over any other type of candy, even above the “alfajores” category.

Amazing Nana! Aren’t the afajores part of the game? “At least not so directly when it comes to sweets…” Just 8.9% mentioned the name of alfajores, falling behind the category wafers and cookies (14.4%) and even below candy Y lollipops (19.5%).

Moroccan was ranked No. 1 of this survey with 10.9% of the votes. She is the big winner. Naná agrees without hesitation: “It’s a perfect sweetie in its composition, flavor and texture. It stands out above other chocolates for its originality and trajectory. It does not change, it does not reduce its size, it respects its price-quality ratio and above all, it never disappoints you. I have heard several people living abroad who, when asked what they miss most about their country, answer: Marroc”.

The Vauquita reached #2 with a 5.8%. “He deserves the greatest of my respects. In addition to being excellent and very Argentinian, it has not yet been replicated by any other company”.

Marroc, with a good margin of difference, was in first place in the ranking.

Marroc, with a good margin of difference, was in first place in the ranking.

Technical tie with another classic: cabsha, a traditional circular bonbon dipped in dark chocolate, made up of a couple of host-type wafers that, “almost a miracle”, contain a small portion of a semi-liquid dulce de leche flavored with rhum. “It doesn’t close me much, but it is seen that many people do”, observes Naná.

A striking fact is that the first chewable that appears is the candied sugus, with 3.3% of the votes. Judging by the percentages, it is possible to notice a phenomenon different from that of politics: the opinion of voters is not limited, ideas are dispersed, tastes become emotional.

“Many choose their favorite candy based on what they ate as children. I sense that this aspect does not coincide with what we consider the best candy that we can find in a kiosk. In other words, the person who defends the hen or to Half an houralthough he does not say it, deep down he knows that his truth is relative and that probably the common people are not with them in that one”.

The traditional Vauquita and its light version, with fewer calories.  Another big winner.

The traditional Vauquita and its light version, with fewer calories. Another big winner.

In the survey, the peppermint locket doubles in popularity the always utilitarian chocolate bar Shot. Of all the voters who chose some type of chocolate as their favorite candy, 55.3% turned to the “snacks” category, especially targeting brand products Felfort (manufacturer of Moroccan winner): Licoritas, Two hearts, Tivis or the chocolate Jacquelin.

A hasty conclusion could have to do with new and healthy eating habits, balanced diets, varied and sufficiently well accompanied by the practice of physical exercise. That led to newsstand windows being sadly dominated by cereal bars.

“There are snacks that only come in a small portion and I think that makes them more attractive and special,” says Naná. “Here, as in other aspects of life, it seems that size is not important and that there is a marked tendency to opt for quality over quantity”.

The Tivis -Cubanito stuffed with crispy, from the family of the old and dear smack– left with a 2.2%under the feeling, which beats you by a point and coins. Separate paragraph for George white that, with its Italian meringue, prevails over the pretentious cachafaz black and ties with the mythical space captain.

“I am glad that other well-loved treats like the Snowy Biznikkethe Dolca Banana and the Sugus candied, all brands that have been in the market for more than 30 years and knew how to conquer and remain in our hearts”.

Felfort is the factory that contributed the most products when choosing.

Felfort is the factory that contributed the most products when choosing.

Another curious -and revealing- fact is that in the middle of the investigation, the testimony of a group of kiosks from Belgrano and surroundings was added, confirming the popularity of Marroc but adding a piece of information that was not recorded in the survey: Beldent mint gum. The people of the kiosks believe that Beldent prevails throughout the year because in summer -a seasonal complex- chocolates are sold much less.

Nana puts an asterisk. “I feel that more than a candy, chewing gum is another item, one associated with hygiene: it is consumed to take care of bad breath. Like the Halls pills”. They may feel different and separate. In fact, there is a world gum day. Another piece of information that emerges from the grouped kiosks: the alfajor Guaymallen simple is on the podium of best sellers.

For the end, a small list headed by the curious who try all the goodies that appear in the gondolas. That curiosity? makes them snickers obtain 3.3% of the votes and that foreigners Ferrero Rocher (4.4%), kitkat Y Cadbury Strawberryboth with 2.9%, deserve a seat in the Sweetness Congress.

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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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