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What is the dish that Talina Fernández made for Luis Donaldo Colosio’s wife the day he was murdered


Talina Fernandez She has stood out throughout her professional career as a television host, however, a day that was marked not only in her, but in the history of Mexico, was the occasion in which she announced the death of Luis Donaldo Colosio on national television. , PRI candidate for the presidency who was assassinated on March 23, 1994. But this is not the only thing, rather recently, The famous narrated that after the tragic moment she prepared a curious dish for the politician’s wife to comfort her.

According to some stories that Talina herself has given to the magazine facesthe day of Colosio’s murder she was at the rally in Tijuana, because she had been invited by her friend, Diana Laura Riojas, ex-candidate’s wife.

However, due to the number of people on the site, Fernández was looking for a way to leave the site, but the whole situation turned upside down. when it was reported that he had fired two bullets at Colosio. Thus, when the news began to spread, it was the well-known journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky who contacted her, but Talina decided to hang up on several occasions because she did not know what to do, because by being with the politician’s family she was receiving very first-hand information. sensitive.

(Photo: Instagram/@talinafernandezoficial)
(Photo: Instagram/@talinafernandezoficial)

“The lawyer Jacobo Zabludovsky was asking me for information. So I had to measure what information I could give him and what not, out of respect for the family. I remember hanging up a couple of times because I didn’t know what to do.”, Fernández confessed in the interview.

The lady of the good saying accompanied Diana Laura from the beginning of the chaos and was able to meet with her before entering the Tijuana General Hospital, to which he agreed thanks to the good relationship he had with the family. In there and after a while it became known that Colosio had died and it was at that moment that Talina would have communicated with Jacobo to give him the news.

After the terrible situation, Talina gave Riojas’s wife asylum at her house and that’s where she apparently would have given him the curious dish as support.

What was the soup that Talina made for Diana Laura Riojas

It was during the most recent broadcast of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico that, during one of the challenges, Talina Fernández decided to recreate the dish that she prepared for Luis Donaldo Colosio’s wife the day he was murdered.

“I’m making a thin brie-apple soup.”, he began to say The Lady of the good saying.

This dish reminds me of the night Mr. Colosio died, I took Diana Laura, his wife, to my house and close friends of Diana Laura began to arrive and I had to give them something to eat. I had to procure the note and at the same time be a close friend of Diana Laura, so handle the note with the respect that the pain of my friend and all of Mexico deserved.

Talina Fernández delved into the fact that that day that marked the country’s history was difficult, but she accepted that “That’s where he had to be.”


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