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What is the Deer Full Moon and how to see it in North Carolina?

What is the Deer Full Moon and how to see it in North Carolina?

We reached July 2021, finally a light is seen between the COVID-19 pandemic, This is thanks to vaccination plans around the world and the measures that nations have taken to control the virus.

Even though the planet Land almost came to a complete stop for a virus, but the natural phenomena did not stop, that is why we have had from meteor showers to the famous strawberry moons or Supermoons, but now, we will have another visual spectacle in the sky.

On July 4 there will be a beautiful phenomenon in the sky

Turns out this Sunday July 4 we will have the show of the famous Deer Full Moon, which will illuminate the sky on the night of this Sunday, July 4, for that reason in The news We tell you everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

The famous Full moon July is also usually called the Hay Moon and the Deer Moon, this appears in the middle of the year and experts say that it has a great spiritual charge-

Why is this phenomenon called the Deer Moon?

The call Deer full moon It has been known since ancient times, the Native American peoples called it that because it is a Moon that marks the middle of the year, and in addition, in July a new antler of the deer appears on its forehead.

This phenomenon is also known as Hay Moon or Deer Moon, In addition, for many, this day is a sign of revitalizing energy.

How to see the impressive Deer Moon in North Carolina?

The Deer Full Moon It will be in view of everyone from sunset on July 4 until sunrise on July 5, so you will have all night to be able to observe it.

All you have to do is observe the moon and you will see this extraordinary phenomenon, as long as it is not cloudy during the designated time on both days.

We recommend using a telescope for you to look at the Deer Moon in all its splendor, a unique and wonderful phenomenon to behold.