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What is the “brownface” and why do they attack Thalía for this violent practice?

Since some years, the singer and actress Thalía has delighted her followers with content published through social networkswhere he shares his day to day, photo sessions, video recordings and even his exercise routine.

Recently caused great emotion among his fans when uploading a video in which you use the original dress she wore when playing Marimar in the telenovela of the same name 28 years after its broadcast; however, also caused negative reactionsparticularly between activists, who denounced that the artist performed ‘brownface’.

Activists denounce racial act on Thalía’s TikTok

Through social networks denounced Thalia’s behavior on his most recent TikTok. They highlight this as one of the hundreds of cases of actors who put on make-up to play the roles of Afro-descendant, black, dark-haired or ‘black’ characters.

In addition, the activists also pointed out that Marinar’s story was designed so that the audience would mock and feel compassion for ‘la costeña’.

What is blackfae and brownface?

The black or brownface consists of the application of makeup on white actors or performers with the aim of appearing black, darkening their skin.

The origin of ‘blackface’ or ‘brownface’ dates back to the mid-19th century, when white artists darkened their skin and exaggerated their features through makeup and clothing to appear stereotypically black.

The first shows were intended to be funny for white audiences, however, were offensive for the black community; they were portrayed as lazy, ignorant, or sexualized.

These representations caused serious harm, stigma, violence and discrimination towards the community. In addition, it became the only way to see the life of a black woman represented in the educational productions; also left the problem of slavery in the background when approached from the comical aspect.


SURPRISE ???? I had a lot of fun making this transformation video for all of you… although I have to admit, I did it for myself too… and I’m glad I had something hidden in it ❤️ #marimar #marimar4ever #Thalia #LasMarias

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