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What is the academy? The Mexican reality show that’s making waves

The longest-running program of its kind on Mexican television, La Academia reality show has impacted the Latino community in the United States. You may be interested in: Amber Heard: ‘I don’t blame the jury, on the contrary, I understand them’

This program was broadcast on TV Azteca on June 30, 2002, precisely this year it celebrates 20 years of its first generation; with a total of 12 generations (without the special programs).

This show is about people who are looking for a chance in the music world and want to be a singer, so they use their talent and charisma to achieve the goal. The students, as the participants are called, live together in one house and attend singing and music classes and other activities. With them they try to win the sympathy of viewers and critics. Well, in both cases they decide the future of the artists, as well as a possible second chance. After each working week there is a concert where it is decided who will leave the competition.

Confirmed that The Squid Game will have a second season on Netflix The Academy Winners The winner of the program isn’t always the one with the highest score; However, the program has left behind some famous artists such as Carlos Rivera, Yahir, Myriam Montemayor and Yuridia. Other participants have released some records or taken up acting, driving, and participating in other forms of entertainment. This is a time consuming show on TV and other media as fans can find out what’s going on in recaps, show schedules, social media and many other things. Anahí, ex-RBD, returns to the stage after 11 years at a Karol G concert

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